Ferrum picricum




Ferrum Picricum is used according to the symptoms occurring in diseases. This medicine is usually used to cure such diseases which are caused by excess strain like- hoarseness due to over speaking, plethoric and hypersensitive liver. This medicine is used for curing gas trouble, moles and to keep the hairs as black.  

Using this medicine provides relief to the patient who has symptoms as enlargement of the prostate glands, epistaxis (nose bleeding), deafness caused by rheumatism, tinnitus, ear warmness, and white bleeding.   

Use of this medicine in the symptoms of different parts:-

Symptoms related to the ear:

This medicine should be prescribed in symptoms as deafness before menstrual excretion, tinnitus, hoarseness, deafness due to disorders of the blood vessel, neuralgic pain in the teeth, pain moves towards the ears and eyes, tinnitus. 

Symptoms of the stomach:

Use of this medicine is very beneficial for the patient of Pitta modality who has symptoms as indigestion, tongue filth and headache after taking meal.

Symptoms related with urine:

This medicine should be used in symptoms as pain in the ureter, frequent urination at night, feels pressure inside the stomach while urination, inflammation in the urinary cervical and penis.

Symptoms of the external parts of the body:

This medicine cures symptoms as pain in the right side of the neck and in the lower portion of the arm, locomotor’s ataxia,   moles on the hand.


2 to 3 potency of this drug can be used to cure diseases.