Ferrum iodatum




This medicine is prepared by mixing iodine and iron according to homeopathic method. This medicine cures various diseases like throat tumors, glands problems, boils, etc.  This medicine cures boils appearing with bunch and cures swelling of the kidney due to chicken pox. This medicine checks tearing of the uterus membrane and gives strength to the body. This medicine is helpful for curing anemia (lack of blood), anorexia (lack of appetite) and problems of a white element coming with urine. 

This medicine cures goitre and exophthalmic due to retention of menstrual flow. This medicine is helpful in weakness due to lack of living organism (fluid). This medicine should be used when patient has symptoms as yellow pimples on the face and redness of the face.

Use of this medicine according to the symptoms of the body parts:

Symptoms of stomach: This medicine should be used when patient feels as if food is chocked in the throat after meal.

Abdominal symptoms: This medicine should be used when patient feels bloating of the stomach in spite of having light meals, trouble caused by bending.

Symptoms of the throat: Taking this medicine cures problems as pain in the throat as if something has obstructed in it with pricking needle, moving throat pain after dividing into two parts and throat hoarseness.

Symptoms of the respiratory systems: This medicine is helpful when patient has symptoms as coming out phlegm from the nose, respiratory pipe and larynx, feel pain under the sternum, swelling in the nose like scrofula and haemoptysis.  

This medicine should be prescribed when the patient has symptoms as dark color urine, sweet savour in urine, feel as if something is moving in the ureter and rectum, sometimes, feels as if urine has chocked in apex of the ureter, feel pain and trouble while urination, anemia (lack of blood), bed wetting, etc.