Fel tauri


 (OX-GALL) - (FEL-T)


This medicine is used for curing several diseases. It makes fat in dilute form and controls fat level in the body.  It increases duodenal secretions and peristaltic action of the bowls. This medicine makes bile as dilute and throws it out. This medicine prevents loose motions. Besides them, this medicine is helpful for curing stomach disturbances, pain in the joints of the throat and it acts as a purgative. This medicine helps in dissolving the gallstone and throws it out and checks retention of bile pipes. This medicine can be also used for curing jaundice.

Use of this medicine according to symptoms of the different body parts:

Symptoms of the stomach:

Using of this medicine is helpful when the patient has symptoms as belching, stomach disturbance, high peristaltic movement, feeling of snoozing and sleepy after meal.


This medicine can be compared with drugs like- Mercurius-dulsis, Cholesterinum, Caisuculobily, etc.  


Lower potency of this medicine is used according to the symptoms of diseases.


In the case of gallstone, Calculobilai 10 or 12x should be used instead of this medicine.