Feet bath


Introduction :

          For this bath, fill water in any pot of wide mouth and put both legs in this water to the knees for 1-2 minutes. After that, eject out the legs from the water and mop with the help of towel properly. After that, walk fast for 5-7 minutes. Thus, this activity should be done twice or thrice a day regularly.

         Disease of weakness and cold of the legs disappear by this bath because inner blood of the legs starts to flow in the upper nerves and veins hurriedly by above technique by which weakness and coldness of the legs disappear. Legs get strength. It generates warmth in the blood too.

Legs bath :

          This bath is like feet bath. The patient stands in the water to the calves or knees in legs bath. After that, as feet are cleaned by rubbing with the towel in the same way legs are also rubbed with the help of towel and then mop them. Legs weakness disappears by this technique. If this activity is done daily, legs remains far from weakness and the blood circulation is normal.