There are many methods to end the tiredness of feet and washing feet is one of them-

  • Take a big tub and fill water in it and mix one spoon baking soda. Thereafter, sit by keeping feet in them for five minutes. Keep your feet out of the tub for sometime too. Keep feet for five minutes in the tub again. Thereafter, cleanse your feet by rubbing pumice. Now wash feet with hot water and mop with dry towel. Finally, apply moisturizer on the feet..
  • Mix one jug lukewarm water in a bucket of water and keep feet in it. Then, pour lukewarm water on the feet. Thereafter, pour cold water on them. Continue this process for 6-7 minutes. Thereafter, apply moisturizer on the feet properly to make them soft and beautiful. 
  • Do not sit by hanging feet for long time. Feet should be kept always on the height. Do not stand for long time on a place. Blood circulates towards below by doing so and tiredness take birth in the leg. In this situation, a person feels pain in the frontal portion of the waist and in the joints of knees. Swelling comes also in the feet too.

How to make feet beautiful by adopting pedicure:

  • Too much tight shocks should not put on in the feet.
  • Give rest to your feet daily.
  • Do exercise for ten minutes by walking for ten minutes on bare foot. Raise your body on the paws and walk on the paws. Roll your feet outwardly.
  • Keep your feet on a stool or chair for sometime if feet get tired. In this position, you should take rest for sometime.
  • Massage your feet by any oil or lotion.
  • Sink your feet with cold and hot water by turns for thirty minutes.
  • Apply moisturizer cream on the feet before sleeping at night.
  • Always walk in straight position.
  • Mix 4 small spoons curd, one small spoon juice of basil leaves or neem powder and one small spoon vinegar altogether properly. Apply this preparation on the dry and rough skin of the feet for fifteen minutes and then wash feet with water.
  • Take menthol, witch haigal and borax powder each one small spoon and 4 dozen president chalk. Grind borax and chalk into fine powder and mix menthol and witch haigel. Apply this preparation on the scoring feet to get relief.  
  • If there are spots on the knees or ankles, peels of lemon should be used.