Giving rest to the digestive system is the main reason when a person keeps fast. It is true that our digestive systems get rest only during fast because we eat something all the time daily due to which our digestive systems are not able in becoming free and they are engaged continuously in digesting that food. In our country, important place has been given to fasting since the ancient time. According to religious granthas (holy books), fasting is known as the mean of purifying body and mind. All the living creatures even animals and birds need to perform fast that is natural. In case of any disease, eating something is harmful and fasting is useful.  

        When a person suffers from any disease, his appetite is lost by itself, but human a wise creature of the world also keeps on eating with avoiding this sign resulting the patient becomes more serious. Fasting is a strong mean to remove out toxins responsible for any disease from the body. During fast, all the vital powers are engaged only in eliminating disease and do not take rest until they eliminate that disease.  

        Fasting is not a mean to generate new strength in our body, but it helps surely in removing out toxins responsible for disease from the body and the body is become free from disease.

        Therefore, a person whether he is healthy if perform fast 1-2 times in month or week, his health remains in sound condition.

        Many people think that fasting is like that of dieing without food, but this thought is absolutely wrong. A person becomes sick due to gathering of toxins inside his body, but the body starts taking work from these toxins which is stored by the nature for the particular time of need. Weakness during fast means toxins present inside our body is removing out and the vital power is engaged in nourishing the body and weakness is come. Hunger felt in this period is natural and the performer has desire to break fast and eat something. It is the time for breaking fast, but if we continue fasting, these important substances (vital power that present inside the body) start to nourish the body. A person can die during fast only when these vital powers are also shorted after removing out wastes from the body.    

        The body remains only weak until these vital powers is stored inside the body, but when these start shorting in the nourishment of body, it is the sign of destroying the body. This is the only difference between fasting and dieing without food.

        A famous doctor has told about the difference between fasting and dieing without hunger in the following way-

        ‘Fasting’ starts from leaving foods and ends with feeling natural hunger (appetite) but ‘Dieing without hunger’ starts from feeling appetite and ends with death.

       By performing fast, not only physical diseases eliminate, but the mind and soul are also purified by fasting, because his is concentrated on the God during fast. It a miracle mean for cleanliness of the body, mind and spirit. But only a person can take benefits from fasting who has proper knowledge about fasting. It can be harmful too if a performer has no knowledge about fasting. 


        Many people believe that eating less is also called fast, but this thought is absolutely wrong. It is proved by researches that eating less and not eating more that hunger are different to each other. If a person eat less than hunger, it is not good according to natural rules. During fast, a person has anxiety up to initial 2-3 days only, but by eating less than hunger, anxiety keeps on persisting daily in the same manner. It has also proved that by eating less, weakness comes soon, but there is no such thing happen by fasting. Therefore, it will be accepted that fasting and eating less can not be same.  

Types of fast-

1. Fast in the morning-

      This fast is very easy. In it, only breakfast is avoided and a person has to take meals only two times during whole the day and night. This fast is known as ‘No Breakfast System’ in English.

2. Fast in the evening-

      This fast is also known as adhoupvas. In this fast, a person has to take food only once during whole the day and night. In it, dinner is avoided. The people suffering from any chronic disease, if perform this fast, it very beneficial for them. One thing should be kept in the mind that foods taken in this fast must be natural and easily digestible.

3. Akaharoupvas-

      In this fast, only one thing is taken in food i.e. if the performer eats chapatti in the breakfast, only vegetables is taken in the evening. In the next morning, a type of fruit is eaten and in the evening, only milk. In case of any trouble in the body, someone can get benefits by performing this fast.

4. Rashoupvas-

      During this fast, heavy eatables like grains and fruits are not taken, but only juicy fruits or the juice of vegetables are taken. Milk is also restricted, because milk can be also counted in solid substances. During this fast, by taking enema, the cleanliness of the body is done.      

5. Fast on fruits-

      Living on only juicy fruits for few days is called ‘Fast on fruits’. During this fast, enema should be taken occasionally. Sometimes, it is not suitable for a particular person and his stomach is disturbed. So, such people must start this fast after performing fast for whole day in the initial 2-3 days. Only those fruits should be taken that are easily digestible. If fruits even in little quantity are not suitable, only cooked vegetables should be taken. It means that only such fruits and vegetables should be taken during this fast that is suitable, because it is very important that constipation could not occur.     

6. Fast on milk-

      This fast is also known as ‘Dugdhkalp’. In this fast, only milk is taken 4-5 times in a day. During this fast, only fresh cow’s milk should be taken.

7. Takroupvas-

      This fast is also called ‘Mathakalp’. If the digestion power of a person became weak, this type of fast is beneficial instead of fast on milk. The whey taken during this fast must have less ghee and should be also less sour. If full fast is performed for 1-2 days before starting this fast, it is more beneficial. This fast can be performed easily for minimum 2 months. By performing this fast, small diseases of the body are cured completely. It the performer feels his stomach as heavy during this fast, enema must be taken.  

8. Complete fast-

      Avoiding all the things except clean and fresh water is called complete fast. In this fast, lots of fasting rules have to follow.

9. Weekly fast-

      Performing only one complete fast in a week is called weekly fast. By performing this fast, the health of a perform remains in sound condition. The people, who works in an office as sitting for whole day, must do this fast. If enema is taken 1-2 times during fast, it is very beneficial for the performer. By performing this fast, anorexia, headache, lethargy and many other physical and mental diseases are eliminated.

10. Laghu upvas-

      Performing complete fast from 3 to 7 days is called laghu upvas.

11. Hard upvas-

      This type of fast is very useful for those who are suffering from dangerous diseases. During this fast, all the rules of complete fast have to follow strictly.

12. Tute upvas (periodic fast)-

      In this fast, after doing complete fast till 2 to 7 days, live on light natural food up to few days and again have to fast for same day i.e. 2 to 7. This process goes on continuing until the aim completed. This type of fast is often performed in too dangerous disease.

13. Long fast-

       In this type, complete fast has to perform for many days whose time is not decided earlier. It can take 21 to 50-60 days. This fast often break when the performer starts feeling natural appetite or when all the toxins inside the body is digested and important vital elements are about to digest. When this fast is performed by physical view, its aim is to remove toxins gathered in different parts of the body and when its aim is completed, fast is broken. This type of fast should not be performed without preparing yourselves before or without knowing its rules and regulations. It is better to perform this fast in the presence of an expert.   

Duration of complete fast-

        It depends on the nature of the performer, his requirements and types of fast. So, there is no any particular rule for it. Anyone can perform completed fast for 5-7 days. Wicked and greedy person could not keep this fast for long time. In other hand, this fast can prove very effective for the good and religious natured people if it is performed for long time. The people who want to keep their health in sound condition for all the time, they should perform complete fast once in a week on Sunday, on both the ekadashi of a month and for 8, 10 or 15 days in a year. It is very beneficial for them. The people who are healthy can perform fast for 7 days without any fear and can get benefits of it. Such people should need to perform this fast for 2-3 days in the beginning and after few days, they should perform this fast for 7 days or more.

Preparation for complete fast-

        For performing fast, there is no need of any particular preparation, because as like a person had not to prepare himself at the time of feeling hungry as there is no need of any discussion for eliminating a diseases whether it is physically and mentally. Only, keeping peace mentally and concentration are needed in the beginning.  

        Before starting long fast, if the perform takes only natural food, waist bath and do few exercises for few days, it is very beneficial for him.

        Before performing fast, it is also necessary that the performer should have complete knowledge of fast. Due to it, he will get strength and ability to keep the mind under control during fast. A person must go for check up of his heart and pulse before starting long fasting. The patient of chronic disease should change his daily foods before starting long fast. First of all, avoid only morning food and take food in the evening. After 2-3 days, stop taking grains completely and live on only fruits and then start fasting for whole day.   


        Many people want to know that in which weather fast is beneficial. Fast depends on need. Whenever you need fast, it should be started. Yet, few people feel more difficulties in fasting during summer season and like to perform fast in winter season. Well, according to the experts of natural therapy, summer and spring season are the best for performing long fast.  

During complete fast-

        It is necessary to be careful on following topics during complete fast-

Drinking water-

        During fast, any type of food should not be taken, but fresh and clean water must be drunk. Minimum 8 to 10 liter water can be drunk during whole the day. Water can be drunk in little volume several times. If you like, lemon juice can be added in drinking water too. By doing so, the cleanliness of the body is taken place properly. During fast, if a performer does not drink water, it is harmful for his body. So, the body must get appropriate water during fast otherwise the intestines can dry up due to deficiency of water in the body and obstruction can also occur in blood circulation. In addition to it, drinking less water or do not drinking water may increase body temperature. It can create troubles for performer.        


        During fast, as much water is necessary as anima is important. During fast, the intestines stop working, so cleanliness of it daily is also necessary.

        Many people believe that waste materials (stool) do not present in the intestines, because food is not eaten during fast. But, the intestines do not ever empty, and wastes present in the intestines produced by natural function of them in the absence of food are need to be cleaning. So, during fast, it is also necessary to taking anemia minimum once for cleaning them. The water used for anemia should be lukewarm. Well, anima of cold water can be also taken. In the water used for anima, few drops of lemon juice should be also added for cleaning the stomach properly.        


        During fast, taking bath with cold water is also very important. If stomach bath or genitals bath is taken at the intervals of 2 days, it is better. In fasting, it is also important to keep the skin clean, healthy and glow. So, during fast, sometimes keeping Patti of wet soil on the whole body is also very useful. If the performer can not able to take bath due to long fast, he should wipe his whole body by rubbing with a piece of towel after immersing it in hot water and squeezing it properly.


        Many people want to take rest during fast with leaving all their works, but it is not right at all. It is also important to do any work according your ability during fast. In chronic diseases, we should goes on doing our small works during fast. If it is not possible due to any reason, we can go for walk. Only one thing should be kept in our mind that our body did not able to become tired, because in case of loosing body strength additionally doing work can be harmful instead of benefited.


        The people who are too lean and thin physically or have extra weakness; only such people can remain as lying down on the bed. It is important. 


        During fast, it is also necessary for the performer to take rest with exercising. The people who are too weak, sometimes taking rest for whole day is also necessary for the performer. As much rest the patient takes during fast as it is necessary to take after fast. It is beneficial. If he sleeps completely during fast, it is better.

Mental condition-

        During fast, it is very important that the mental condition of the performer remains quite and concentrate. For this purpose, it is necessary for the performer that he should engage in god’s praying. It has said by a great person that if mental fast did not perform with physical fast, it can not be useful. So, the performer should always remain happy, tension free during fast.


        During fast, any type of medicines should not be taken, because it can harm the body, because the body remains in sensible stage up to many days during fast and after it. During fast, natural treatment should be taken directly in case of any disease. In this treatment, keeping Patti of wet soil on the lower abdomen, taking stomach bath and keeping cold Patti of cloth are beneficial. The performer should live in open air and sleep. In the morning, sunbath should be taken with naked body. For decreasing body temperature or increasing blood circulation in different body parts during fast, natural massaging is the best.            

When and how should complete fast be broken?

        It is also necessary that with performing fast, breaking of fast also needs carefulness and self abstinence. During fast, digestion power is become too weak, so fast should be broken with taking light and easily digestible food. After that, as well as digestion power stated increasing, the quantity of food should be also increased. By breaking fast in this way, the performer can not only protect him from changing his physical condition, but can also get complete benefits of fasting. According to a principle, as faster is longer as the performer has to remain careful at the time of breaking it. 

         At the time of breaking fast, taking the liquid diet is very beneficial for the body because the body becomes habit of taking liquid diet during fast. So, by taking liquid food, the digestive systems have not to do extra work and digest the food with ease. One thing is also important that foods that are taken with liquid diet must be easily digestible and normal.

        If a person keeps fast for whole day, for breaking this fast in the evening, first vegetables juice, fruits juice and cooked vegetables without spices should be taken. After that, grains and solid foods should be taken. He should keep one thing in his mind that food should be taken only after digestion of earlier eaten food. After breaking any type of fast, constipation should not be allowed.     

          After performing fast for 2-3 days, only vegetables juice or fruits juice should be taken in little quantity 3 times a day on fourth day. On fifth day, juice or soup should be taken once and cooked vegetable without spices 2 times in a day. On sixth day, cooked vegetables should be taken 3 times in a day and on seventh day, chapattis should be taken with vegetables once in day besides other meals and then he should come on normal daily diet.

          In long fast, liquid foods should be taken as one third of the duration of fast. After that, light food, fresh fruits or vegetables can be started to eat once in day daily or on every second day. In these days too, other food that is taken must be fruits juice or vegetable soup.

When should fast be broken?

        It is very important that when should fast be broken? When a person performs fast, no body can tell that for how many days, he has to keep fast and break it. It is find out after the end of fast on the basis of performer’s nature i.e. when he starts feeling as follow-

  • When the performer starts feeling violent hunger, we should understand that the time of breaking fast has come.
  • When the white coat found on the tongue during fast cleaned, it is the sign of breaking fast.
  • When breathe taken start feeling as sweet.
  • When pulse rate become normal.
  • When the skin became soft and flexible due to proper circulation of blood.
  • When the body temperature became normal.
  • When he starts feeling his body as light and feels activeness and freshness.

After complete fast-

        When a person perform fast, he feels violent hunger after ending of fast, but at that time, he should take work with patience and should not eat over. By eating food with chewing every morsel properly and by controlling his appetite, hunger can be controlled. If the performer feels that any type of fault has taken place during fast, fast should be performed again. After fast, he should not take such food that may become the reason of sickness again, but natural and normal food should be taken. If a person wants, he can live as healthy by natural ways. If fasting performed well according of rules, any fat person can loose his weight about one pond daily and after breaking fast, he can gain weight half of it.

The affects of complete fast on the body-

Digestive systems-

        As well as when a person eats additionally and his stomach has to face its bad effects, the good results of fasting also found first of all on the stomach. The performer feels violent hunger on the second or third day of fast. When it stops creating troubles, toxins of the body start coming out and this stage persists up to 3-4 days according to toxins quantity. Sometimes, this stage is found up to 15 days. Due to coming out this toxin, complaints like coats (dirt) on the tongue, foul breathe and lack of appetite are found. Due to decreasing toxins level inside the body, the effects of disease are also decreased and natural appetite starts feeling, tongue is cleaned and the performer starts feeling light body.

      The influences of fasting fall greatly on intestines. If faecal materials are decomposed in the intestines, a person is suffered from loose motions, gout and dysentery. When a person does not eat and grains juice does not reach in the intestines, intestinal cells have to work less by that crop of the lost energy (strength) of the body comes again. The intestines start removing out faecal materials slowly after certain type of reaction and gas produced during this process is absorbed and due to which, faecal materials do not able to come out by itself due to weak pushing power. And, for this purpose, a person has to take help of enema. When all the faecal materials come out completely, the body nerves start destroying due to which, the body is lost its weight. 


        Due to persisting faecal materials in intestines, it becomes solid and the intestines have to face lots of problems in removing out it. In few cases, a person feels violent pain at the time of removing out this stools and sometime blood also comes out. So, enema is necessary for this purpose. If normal foods had taken before performing fast, faecal materials will be come out as first and second day, but after 2-3 days, faecal materials are stopped to come out. At this time, if it is not removed by enema, a person has to face its bad effects. 

Circulatory systems-

        When we eat food, this food generates energy (heat) inside the body after digestion. As well an engine requires coal, petrol or diesel to run as food is required for proper functioning of the body. Food works as fuel and keeps the body temperature normal. Hence, when we do not eat food, our body temperature is fallen down.


        A famous doctor thinks just opposite about the relation of food and body temperature. He believes that there is no any changes found in body temperature even after 4 days fasting and sometimes body temperature goes on increasing with fasting. 

Pulse (nerves)-

        During fast, different types of changes are found in pulse. So, doctors do not able to get right result till now. In few stages of fasting, the pulse remains as normal, but in few stages, pulse rate becomes slow. In about 64% people, pulse rate has been found normal and slow in 36% people and in few cases, this rate has been found fast.


        During fast, different types of changes are found in the blood of a performer. When a doctor checks such person, he found that blood particles were increased in his blood. But, in few people, following changes are found-

  • After decreasing blood particles in the blood of that person till little while, the particles start increasing again.
  •  With passing fast, the number of unicellular vetanuon is decreased.
  • In the blood of the person, the number of eosinophils and polynuclear are decreased.


        In additions to it, the intestinal juice coming in blood from intestines starts removing faecal materials slowly after digestion of food. So, gout occurred by this intestinal juice is cured. Besides it, blood pressure becomes high due to collecting faecal materials in the intestines, but it starts decreasing due to cleaning while fasting, due to which the enlargement of heart is decreased and the fat generated on the heart is burnt out. At a result of it, the possibility of heart attack is lessened.


        The people who eat extra, the possibility of liver enlargement or liver diseases are increased, because at this time, the liver has to work more than normal. During fast, liver cells are stimulated much due to which bile is produced much; faecal materials gathered in the bowels start digesting properly; stools turn in yellow, dusty and excreted out easily. Disease like- indigestion, constipation, loose motions, etc. due to additional bile can be treated by performing fast. 

Urinary systems-

        It helps in circulation of poison produced by stomach in the entire body and removes out through kidneys. Urea is main among them. If this urea did not remove out from the body, its result can be dangerous.

Few doctors find out any faults and deficiency of the body only on the basis of coming out urea. When urea presents in blood in appropriate volume, the kidneys becomes little relax, because at this time, new toxins did not able to produce inside the body. The kidneys go on removing out additional urea from the body until total extra urea is removed out. After that, urea level start decreasing slowly that indicates that our body starts becoming weak, but before such types of weakness, sometime a person feels freshness and activeness in his body.      

According to a doctor-

        Any function starts in our body when eaten food is digested properly.   


        If water is drunk in less quantity during fast, he urinates in little quantity too, but if we drink water properly, urine level becomes normal or decreased, but on the first day of fast, urination takes place in normal volume. Urinary reaction is acidic, density remains 1015 to 1025. Solid substances does not increase more than 40 gram.


        In our body, there are 3 functions of the skin- protecting the body, carrying impulses to the brain and removing out toxins from the body. Our lungs remove out as much toxin from the body as the skin removes out too.  When extra fat is collected beneath the skin due to over eating, the pores present on the skin responsible for sweating are blocked due to which extra urea and toxins do not able to remove out from the body. By performing fast, the pores start working properly that helps in proper excretion of urea and toxins present inside the body. So, when sweating takes place during fast, it has foul smell. The fat presents inside the body acts as fuel for body functions due to which sweating glands are opened. Due to profuse sweating, the skin becomes soft and smooth and the diseases due to it are cured. 

Nervous systems-

        Nervous system is the most important system of the body. If any type of disordering occurs in it, any type of disease occurs surely. According to ayurveda, it is called ‘vatta disease’ and it is also believed that all types of diseases occur due to vatta disordering (wagghatta/9-85-sutra-system). It is nourished by blood. So, in case of blood poisoning, the worst affects fall on mental ability. Due to it, a person can not able to read, write, think and remember anything properly.

        By performing fast, blood is purified due to which the affects of poison are eliminated from the brain and the mental ability of the patient is increased again. In this way, diseases related to the nervous systems are also cured.


        When a healthy person performs fast, there is no any change found in his weight till initial 1-2 days, but in case of a fat person or patient, he loss about 5 pounds of his weight after 2-3 days of fasting and then he goes on losing his weight about one pound daily. If fast is performed during a normal disease, the body goes on losing about one pound of weight daily. 

Respiratory systems-

        During fast, different types of changes are observed in the respiratory systems, but such types of changes are found in all the performers. Foul smell comes in breathe till initial 2-3 days of fast that indicates removing out of toxins and dirt from the body, after then breathe becomes normal as before that shows that the body has been cleaned.    

Diseases during fast and their treatment-

          During fast, sometimes a person has to face lots of problems due to which many people break the fast in the middle. But, their problems are increased more by doing so-


     During fast, a person becomes unconscious, because blood does able to circulate towards brain. To eliminate such unconsciousness, the patient should be made as lying down on the bed as straight and legs as little up so that blood could reach to the brain. In case of unconsciousness, we should never allow the patient to stand otherwise he can die too.


        The treatment of vertigo is similar to unconsciousness, but sometimes vertigo occurs due to additional blood in the brain. In case of vertigo, the patient’s head should be kept high as well as he should be carried to an open air.

Heart pain-

        Due to gathering faecal materials in the stomach during fast and stomach diseases, heart pain often starts taking place. These types of symptoms are eliminated by their selves slowly.


        When a person performs fast, headache starts in the beginning, but it is eliminated by itself after few days.


        Well, the possibility of loose motions is very less during fast, but if it occurs due to any reason, takes its treatment immediately.

Retention (obstruction) of urine-

        During fast, if urine did not come out even after drinking additional water, it is known as retention of urine. For its treatment, the patient should wash his genitals with cold water or give hot and cold spray on his lower abdomen.        

Slow pulse rate-

        During fast, pulse rate often become slow, but don’t worry, because it is not dangerous. By taking little exercise or taking bath with hot water, it becomes normal. In this case, massage is also very beneficial.

Fast pulse rate-

        When a person performs long fast, his pulse rate often becomes fast that is very dangerous. Taking the treatment of it immediately is very necessary. According to a doctor, taking bath with cold water in this case, heart is stimulated. Hence, the patient should not take cold bath. Taking hot bath is very useful in this condition. But water used for bath should not be too hot; it should be equal to body temperature. Keeping cold Patti on the lower abdomen and keeping the head as cold and feet as hot are also very beneficial. In this disease, fresh air is also very beneficial.


        Vomiting is known to be very dangerous during fast. In this case, hot water should be given additionally to the patient so that stimulants gathered inside the stomach could come out. If it makes no impression, giving glycerin after adding it in water stops vomiting. 

Disease, health and fast-

        If anyone says that the thoughts of fasting for curing disease are as older as human being, it will not be wrong. It is scripted (narrated) in many religious books (granthas).

According to a doctor-

        By avoiding food, most of the diseases are cured without any risks.

        Among reactions that take place daily inside our body, a particular reaction goes on taking place for removing out wastes and harmful substances from the body. Pure blood is most responsible for proper functioning of this body like machine. RBCs of blood go on forming new cells and WBCs remain engaged in removing out wastes and harmful substances from the body. The much effort of removing out extra wastes and harmful substances from the body is called disease. Today, it has started to accept in all the treatment systems of the world that the body tries to recovered from sick to health by itself, other types of treatments only help it in this work. Now, there is no doubt that fasting is a very effective and important means to remove out wastes and harmful substances from the body.        

During fast, the oxygen taken by the performer burns digested and undigested food, wastes and harmful substances present inside the body slowly. This is the reason why disease is cured by itself. Human body is made up of 5 elements among them; the sky element is the most important. By performing fast, the body gets the power of this sky element. By this view too, fast has its own importance for removing diseases.  

        Fever, dysentery, loose motions, cold-catarrh, boils, chicken pox, etc. are called as very stimulated diseases. In these diseases, fasting is very useful. Frequent urination, asthma, gout, indigestion, constipation, obesity, etc. are known as chronic diseases. Such types of diseases should be started to treat with daily diet and in the last, long fast or many small fasts should be performed. In case of chronic diseases, the physical condition of the patient is not as good as required for performing fast. There is one more disease too like these diseases, which is called killing disease i.e. T.B. in this disease, the vital power of the body is become as weak as it takes long time for recovery again. In this disease, any treatment can provide only little relief. Such types of patients should not perform fast, but he can perform fast maximum for one day if needed. Like this, fasting is also useless when any body part became out of order completely.     


        Fasting is very beneficial in the most of diseases except few diseases. There is hardly a disease in which small or long fast does not affect, but in few diseases, the patient is died too in absence of fasting.