Fast elimination diet


        According neuropathologist, by accumulation of toxins in our digestive systems, several diseases occur in inside our body. So, it is very important to clean the body internally by performing fast. Performing fast is very necessary and beneficial in all the diseases. According to ayurveda, not only the digestive systems but all the body organs like- lymph, blood, muscles, bones, bones marrow, sperm, etc. are cleaned by performing fast. But, it is restricted for too weak people, pregnant, old people, children and T.B. patients, etc. During fast, the patients can take water, lemon juice or fresh juices according their disease and health. They should use enema, wrap cold cloth, and take bath and rest daily. In the beginning of fast, the performer can face troubles up to 2 days, but he can continue it until feels hunger again.      

Following symptoms can be seen during fast-

        Tasteless mouth, whitening of the tongue, fetid smell from the mouth, vomiting, pain in the stomach, vertigo, tiredness, etc. all these symptoms are the signs of removing out poisonous substances (toxins) from the body. It is advised to the patient to perform fast till becoming the tongue clean again and feeling appetite.

        The patient must perform fast after knowing the full knowledge about it. During fast, he should never do any hard work like- business work; office work, etc. and he should also remove out all the worry from his mind. In the sense of treatment, it is said to do little work during fast like- yogasanas and walking.

Diet that provides peace-

  • In this category, it is said to take fruits juice, whey, vegetables soup and juice, salad of raw vegetables, boiled vegetables, food prepared from wheat and rice, etc.
  • Cabbage, salad, carrot, string bean, gourd, etc. can be taken. All types of ripe fruits are also best, because they have bacterial acid. Sometimes the patient is kept only on fruits like- seasonal fruits and raw vegetables. Fruits and vegetables should be swallowed after proper chewing. By the use of fruits and whey, the requirement of intestines can be fulfilled. If raw eatables are not chewed well, gas can form inside the stomach.   

Structural diet-

  • In this category, complete food like- milk, curd, boiled vegetables, chapattis, rice, pulses, etc. are given to the patient.
  • All types of meat, buffs, soup of animal meat, etc. have kept away (avoided) from this category, because these contain tissues wastes, uric acid, creatinine and other harmful substances that are produced after decomposition of them.
  • Boiled vegetables must be present in our diet that must have no any harmful substances. Normal diet is good for everyone, whether he is healthy or sick. For the treatment of fever, fatness, nutrition related disorders, indigestion, jaundice, psoriasis of liver, bronchitis, malaria, T.B., eczema, deficiency of blood, infections, all types of burning and swelling, complicated and chronic diseases, etc., food should be taken properly. Eatables like- pickles, packaged and fried food stuffs, tea, coffee, coco, alcohol, mustard, black pepper, spices made from hot sauce, etc. should be avoided.