False Calumba



False Calumba bush grows itself in Himalayan areas. It is found in Bihar, Parasnath and Neelgiri hills areas. It is 150 to 480 cm high, thorny and in bushy shape.Introduction:

False Calumba bush grows itself in Himalayan areas. It is found in Bihar, Parasnath and Neelgiri hills areas. It is 150 to 480 cm high, thorny and in bushy shape. Its stem is 8-9 inches wide. Its leaves are 2 to 3 inches long. Its flowers are 2-3 inches long, white or yellow and with clusters. Its fruit is also known as ‘Zarishka’. Its root has small and big knots with yellow tinge. Its root pieces are yellow, bitter, fragrance like turmeric and sold in the markets. Its stem and root are yellow completely, so it is known as ‘Daroohaldi’. It is not connect with turmeric. There are six kinds of false calumba, but all qualities are mostly equal.

Name in different languages:

Hindi                  -        Daroo Haldi

Sanskrit             -        Daroo Haridra

Marathi              -        Daroohalad

Gujarati              -        Daroo Halder

Bengali              -        Daroo Haridra

Latin                   -        Barberis Aristeta

Color: False Calumba (Daroo Haldi) is yellow.

Taste: It is pungent.

Structure: It is a type of wood and very hard.

Nature: False Calumba is hot in nature.

Precaution: Using excessive quantity of false calumba may be harmful for hot natured people.

Comparison: It can be compared with turmeric.

Dosage: 3 to 6 grams.

Qualities: False Calumba qualities are same as turmeric qualities. Especially, it is useful to cure wounds, spermatorrhoea and itching, and blood disorders. It also cures the skin and eyes diseases. It ends poison too.

          According to Ayurveda, false calumba is small, pungent, bitter, hot and nutritive. It increases digestive power and purifies the blood. It excites to the liver. It cures Kapha (Phlegm), wound and swelling. It is useful to cure fever, white and blood leucorrhoea, eyes disease, skin disease, uterus problems, jaundice, stomach worms, mouth diseases and teeth and gums diseases. It is also useful for vomiting and nausea of pregnant.

         Its fruit ‘Zarishka’ is the best medicine according to Unani medical academy. It is useful for the stomach, liver and heart. Taking its fruit is useful to prevent loose-motions caused by stomach deficiency, menses disorders, 420 and piles.

         According to the scientists, it is found after researching chemical structure of false calumba that it contains rich amount of alkaloids. Its ‘Barberin’ alkaloid is yellow, bitter and soluble. Barberin sulphet is very useful to cure ulcer.

For reading tips click below links     False Calumba (Daroohaldi*) is useful in different diseases:
1.     Fever:


    The decoction of false calumba should be taken two spoons thrice a day to cure fever.
    2.     Loose-motion:


      Grind skin of false calumba root with equal dry ginger. Taking one spoon prepared powder thrice a day is beneficial to prevent loose-motion.
      3.     Tooth and gums diseases:

      Tooth and gums diseases:

        Mix a decoction of false calumba with equal honey. Two spoons mixture can be used twice a day to get quick relief in teeth and gums diseases.
        4.     White leucorrhoea:

        White leucorrhoea:

          Mix Indian berberry (false calumba, Daroohaldi), cinnamon and honey in equal quantity together. One should take one spoon prepared medicine thrice a day to cure leucorrhoea.
          5.     Swelling:


            Applying a paste made from Indian berberry 2-3 times a day on the affected parts is useful to eliminate pain and provides relief in swelling.
            6.     Wound:


              Appling a paste of Indian berberry keeps active the blood of hurt and also recovers wound quickly.
              7. Broken bone:

              Broken bone:

                Mix powder of Indian berberry with equal egg-yolk. Taking two spoons of this prepared medicine twice a day regularly helps to joint broken bone.
                8. Bloody piles:

                Bloody piles:

                  Mix Indian berberry stem, root and fruit in equal quantity together and make a paste. Appling this paste on the anus and warts provides quick relief in bloody piles.
                  9. Eyes diseases:

                  Eyes diseases:

                    Apply the paste of Indian berberry on the eyes afterwards sleep. It provides relief in the eyes pain, eyes redness, dust in eyes and other diseases.
                    10. Mouth blisters:

                    Mouth blisters:

                      • Boil 20 grams Indian berberry with 300 ml water and make a decoction and filter this decoction. Gargling with this decoction 2-3 times cures blisters, boils and pimples.
                      • Boil Indian berberry, turmeric, cinnamon, Stereospermum Suaveolens (Padhal), nut-grass and holarrhena antidysentrica wall (Indrazav) together and prepare a decoction. Gargling with this decoction cures the diseases of throat and tongue.
                      • Mix honey in a decoction of Indian berberry and taking it cures mouth blisters.
                      11. Otorrhoea (Ear pus):

                      Otorrhoea (Ear pus):

                        Dripping fine powder of Indian berberry in ear regularly cures otorrhoea.
                        12. Fistula:


                          • Mix Indian berberry powder and mudar milk together. Make heat this mixture slightly and apply it on fistula wound, it provides quick relief.
                          • Mix Indian berberry, kitchen smoke (dhuansa), turmeric, lodhra, sweet flag root (Bach), sesame, Neem’s leaves and myrobalan (Harar) in equal quantity together. Grind this mixture with water and make a paste. Applying this paste on fistula wound is very useful to cure them.
                          13. Leucorrhoea:


                            • Grind 10 grams of an equal quantity of Indian berberry, gums of Acacia arabica and pure Rasanjan and 5 grams of an equal quantity of pipal wood, nut-grass (Nagarmotha), yellow ochre, and 20 grams sugar-candy together after that filter it. About 2-3 grams this powder can be used with water twice a day to get relief in all the types of leucorrhoea.
                            • Mix a paste of Indian berberry with honey. Taking this mixture cures leucorrhoea.
                            • Mix Indian berberry, hujuj (Rasout), chiretta, malabar nut tree, nut-grass, beel seeds, red sandal, mudar flowers and honey together and cook this mixture to make a decoction. Mix honey in this decoction and give it to the patient. It cures red and white painful leucorrhea.
                            • Take a decoction of Indian berberry with honey twice a day regularly; it cures both the types of leucorrhoea.
                            14. Blood leucorrhoea:

                            Blood leucorrhoea:

                              If one has been suffering from leucorrhoea caused by uterus looseness, should take Indian berberry decoction mixed with honey. Taking this prepared medicine is useful to get relief in blood and white leucorrhoea.
                              15. Nose diseases:

                              Nose diseases:

                                Washing nose pimples with a decoction of Indian berberry cures nose diseases.
                                16. Syphilis:


                                  • Mix Indian berberry, Indian ground sel (Rasna), cassiabsus (Pundria), liquorices, cedar (Devdaroo), eagle wood (Agar), costus root (Kooth) and cardamom (Elaychi) together and boil this mixture to make a decoction. Applying this decoction on syphilis wound provides quick relief.
                                  • Mix equal quantity of Indian berberry skin, Sankhnabhi, hujuj (Rasout), Laccifer lacca (Lakh), cow-dung, oil, ghee and milk together and make the paste. Applying this paste on wound provides relief in swelling, pain and burning sensation.
                                  17. Canker (Nasoor):

                                  Canker (Nasoor):

                                    Mix milk hedge (Thoohar) and mudar milk (Aak) with Indian berberry powder and make a wick. This powder should be applied on the anus to get quick relief.
                                    18. Jaundice:


                                      Indian berberry syrup mixed with honey is effective remedy to cure jaundice.
                                      19. Nerves wound:

                                      Nerves wound:

                                        Mix Indian berberry, milk hedge’s milk and mudar milk together and make the wick. Apply this wick on nerves wound, it provides quick relief.
                                        20. Tonsillitis:


                                          Mix Indian berberry, Neems skin, hujuj (Rasout) and Holarrhena antidysentrica wall (Indrazav) in equal quantity together and make a decoction. One should take this decoction under four spoons, because it’s over quantity causes throat dryness.
                                          21. Winsent Enzina:

                                          Winsent Enzina:

                                            Gargling with Indian berberry decoction 2-3 times a day regularly is useful to get relief in winsent enzina.
                                            22. Throat problems:

                                            Throat problems:

                                              Mix Indian berberry, Neem bark, hujuj and oval leaved rose way (Indrazav) together and make a decoction by boiling it. This decoction should be taken to ends throat problems.