Factors affecting basal metabolic Rate

Factors affecting basal metabolic Rate

Region of body surface:

          Generally, the surface of women is lesser than the men. So it is much in men than women.


          The metabolic rate starts to decrease as the age grows day by day. Generally this rate is much in children comparison to adult people because the children need much energy during the growth. It is high in pregnant and milk feeding women.

Physical labor:

          The metabolic rate of laborious people is much than the people who don’t do physical labor or do the mental job.


          The metabolic rate of spitfire people is much than the cool minded people. The metabolic rate gets increased in the fast heart throbbing and breathing in the condition of tension. 


          The metabolic rate gets increased in the condition of fever.


          The energy which is used for the digestion of foodstuffs is called specific dynamic action. The metabolic rate gets increased if foodstuff full of protein is taken in place of taking carbohydrates or fatty food.


          The metabolic rate gets reduced during fast.


          Some hormones help in sustaining the metabolic rate by the feed back system as when the metabolic rate is slow, the excretion of epinephrine and thyroxin hormones gets increased. Thyroxin is excreted by the thyroid gland which affects the metabolic more than other hormones. When the excretion of thyroxin hormone gets increased, the metabolic rate gets increased hundred percent from the normal rate and the metabolic rate gets reduced 40 percent from the normal rate.

          Anxiety increases the metabolic rate and it gets reduced in depression. The adrenal glands excrete extra epinephrine in the condition of fear and anger and in this condition the metabolic rate gets increased. The metabolic rate is increased because of the growth hormone and sex hormone.

          In other factors, climate and different races also affect the metabolic rate.