Facial Beauty



         Glow and beauty of the face disappear because of freckles, dryness and darkness. Black circles appear around the eyes and skin becomes loose. Face can be beautified by using fruits, vegetables and other some herbs. This formula is beneficial to remove freckles, darkness and dryness of the face. Inner activity of the body can be good by breathing in fresh air or taking exercise in the morning. This formula enhances face glow and lustre of the body.


         The skin of the face stretches and flesh starts to hang by the use of oily food and packaged food (food out of the home). Dryness comes on the skin in the lack of vitamins in meal. Freckles appear in this stage. Excessive anxiety and negative thinking ends face glow and beauty of the body.

For reading tips click below links      Below mentioned formulae enhance the beauty of the face :
1.     Tomato:


    Extract juice of tomatoes and apply on the face. Besides it, cut a tomato into two pieces and rub on the face. Both formulae produces glow on the face.
    2.     Potato:


      • Extract juice of raw potato and apply on the black circles around the eyes. Black circles disappear by its use.
      • Cut a potato into pieces and rub on the dark circles gently. Its use ends the dark circles.
      3. Orange:


        Face glow enhances by the application of orange juice.
        4. Cucumber:


          Freckles of the face disappear by applying cucumber juice on the face. Face becomes beautiful by its use.
          5. Garlic:


            Peel the flakes of garlic and fry with oil. Eating these garlic flakes ends freckles of the face or skin.
            6. Gram:


              Mix salt in gram flour and dissolve properly. Apply this paste on the face. Freckles do not appear on the face and face remains beautiful.
              7. Lemon:


                Cut a lemon into two pieces and rub on the body. Its use removes the darkness of the body.
                8. Milk:


                  Darkness of the face removes and new glow appears on the face by rubbing milk cream or milk.
                  9. Steam:


                    Foment face with the vapor of water or milk. Its use cleanses the skin of the face and provides a new lustre.
                    10. Almond:


                      If there is dark crust on the lips then grind one almond and petals of saffron with water into the fine paste. Apply this paste on the lips. Leave this paste for 10 minutes and thereafter, remove by rubbing lips with the help of the fingers. Its regular use for some days will remove dark crusts of the lips and provide new glow. Lips will become pink by its use.
                      11. Cinnamon:


                        Mix one pinch powder of cinnamon in milk cream and apply on the face. Marks and spots of the face will disappear by its use.
                        12. Indian sorrel:

                        Indian sorrel:

                          Mouth odor ends by chewing 2-3 leaves of Indian sorrel.
                          13. Spike nard:

                          Spike nard:

                            Grind the root of spikenard with rosewater and apply on the face like paste. Its use beautifies the face after some days.
                            14. Cumin seed:

                            Cumin seed:

                              Boil cumin seeds in water and wash face with this water. Its use enhances the beauty of the face.
                              15. Cucumber:


                                If there is smoothness on the skin, drink cucumber juice, it is beneficial to cure oily skin.
                                16. Jack fruit:

                                Jack fruit:

                                  Grind the bark of jackfruit and apply on the face. Mouth does not crack after its use.