Arts of looking beautiful and beauty cosmetics :

 Facial plays very important role to sustain the beauty of a person. The skin becomes clean by facial. Introduction:

         Facial plays very important role to sustain the beauty of a person. The skin becomes clean by facial. Wrinkles do not appear on the face soon by its use. A kind of tightness comes in the skin after facial. Faded skin becomes shiny after facial.  

Method of facial:

         Tie your hair up at the back of head with the help of hair band so that it may not come on the face again and again. Drench cotton wad in milk or cleansing milk and cleanse face and neck properly. Thereafter, apply cream on the fingers’ tips on the mouth, nose, ear, throat, chin and neck. Thereafter, start massage on the neck from below to upside with the help of first and second fingers of both hands. Then, massage chin, cheeks, near about eyes and temples to the forehead in a circular way. 

         Keep on massaging face continuously for 5-7 minutes. Don’t give too much pressure on the face by fingers. Thereafter, massage should be done by patting face. Blood circulation becomes high by doing so. Massage on lips and near about the edges of eyes should be done by giving a shape of ‘8’. Thereafter, heat water in a broad mouthed vessel and take steam on the face. Do so 2-3 types. Thereafter, expel out to the black heads by pressing them with the help of remover. Thereafter, three or four lemon pieces should be rubbed on the face. Apply a little scrub on the whole face and neck gently with the help of fingers tips. After five minutes, wash face with lukewarm water after five minutes and then rub ice piece on the face. Thereafter, apply face pack on the face.

Facial (for dry skin):

  • First, clean your face with cleansing milk. Thereafter, drench towel in lukewarm water and clean face properly.
  • Give galvanic current on the face for 2-3 minutes.
  • Muscles oil should be applied near about the eyes, neck and all over the face.
  • Drench cotton wad in rosewater and keep it on the eyes.
  • Massage face for 4 to 6 minutes.
  • Give vibration on the face for at least one minute with the help of vibrator machine.
  • Remove cream from the face with the help of wet towel. Face lotion of which base has no oil should be used for dry skin.

Benefits of facial:

  • The face becomes clean by facial.
  • Facial increases circulation of blood inside the skin.
  • Weak muscles of the face become strong by facial.
  • Facial fastens the activity of glands.
  • All skin problems disappear after facial.
  • The skin is soft by doing so. Symptoms of aging don’t appear after facial.
  • The skin becomes soft and fair complexioned after facial. A kind of glow comes on the face too.
  • Facial stops the appearance of wrinkles on the face as a person grows old.

Cause of unhappiness at the time of facial:

  • Presence of too much pressure and roughness in massage
  • Filling of facial cream inside the eyes at the time of facial
  • Foul smell and stinking breath of the beautician and smoking by the beautician
  • Paying no attention on the kinds skin of the person and troubles by the beautician
  • Mood becomes sad by pulling skin tightly
  • Blowing stinking breath on the woman by the beautician
  • Lack of cleanliness on the face
  • Use of too much hot towel at the time of facial
  • Running here and there for cosmetics during facial
  • Facial with cold and rough hands
  • Lack of sanitary can be the cause of sadness.


         Face pack cleanses to the skin properly. Blood circulation remains normal in the body and skin becomes soft and shiny by doing so. Several kinds of face packs are available in the market. You can use them by mixing rosewater and simple water in these packs.