Fabiana imbricata



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This medicine is made from the plant, known as “Akshoop”, which grows in the South America. This medicine is very helpful in different symptoms of the patient. This medicine is used to cure different types of diseases, but it is especially helpful to cure urinary diseases. This medicine provides strength to the patient, and checks bile.

This medicine is used to cure the problems of blowing phlegm from the nose (coryza), jaundice and dyspepsia. Using this medicine prevents biliousness.

Symptoms of urine: This medicine should be used to cure the problems of ureter swelling (cystitis), gonorrhea, prosrstatitis, Anuria and Dysuria (trouble to urine), uric acid diathesis, coming out a white element with urine. This medicine provides quick relief from urinary diseases.

Dose: Mother tincture in 10 to 20 drops of this medicine can be used to cure diseases.


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