Fabaceae Unaria Picta



Pithavan is grown in the field of wheat. According to nature, it grows in forests, barren soil of all India, and especially in Himalayan areas. Introduction:

Pithavan is grown in the field of wheat. According to nature, it grows in forests, barren soil of all India, and especially in Himalayan areas. There are many types of it as- ureria picta, uraria lagopoides and ureria refesasens. Ureria logopoids characteristics are same like ureria refesasens, and both these are the parts of Laghupanchmool in Dashamool. It has flowers in the rainy season, and pod in the winter.

Name in different languages

Hindi            :        Pithavan, Pithoni, Prishniparni

Sanskrit      :        Prishniparni, Prithak, Parni

Bengali       :        Shankarjata, Chacule, Chakuliya

Marathi       :        Pithavan

Telugu         :        Colku Ponna

Gujarati       :        Kuvadiyo, pithavan

Scientific    :        uraria picta

Surname     :        Fabaceae

Taste: It is sweet.

Structure: Plant of pithavan is 2-4 feet high. Its leaves are small and round with different shape. Its upper leaves are 7.5 to 15 cm. long with white lines. Its flower is small, red or dark blue, which appears with blossoms. Its pod is oily, white and 3 to 6 inches long. Its seeds are like kidney and yellow color.

Type: There are five type of it as-

The pithavan leaves of first type are like a red chilly. Three leaves grow on its stick together.

The mid portion of the pithavan leaf is dry and it green part has white and black spots.

The pithavan fruits of third type are different than fourth fruits type of pithavan. The pithavan of third type some big.

The pithavan of five types are lightly white. It has three leaves when it grows. Just as its leaves are increased in the same way, are decreased.

Nature: It is hot in natured.

Characteristic: Pithavan removes Tridosha (Vatta, Pitta and kapha), breathing problems and burning sensation and enhances sperm counts. It cures fever, bloody diarrhea and stops vomiting. It increases sexual vigour and quenches thirst. It clears stomach.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Coryza: Boil 10 grams roots of Pithavan with 400 milliliters water until remain quarter part of this water. After that, take this preparation mixed with sugar candy, it cures coryza.

2. Bloody Piles: Take 10 to 20 grams decoction of Pithavan and country mallow (khareti), it cures the bloody piles that is caused by drinking excessive wine.

3. Easy delivering: Prepare a paste by grinding root of Pithavan. After that, apply this paste on the navel, abdomen and vagina. It helps to make easy delivering. This paste should be washed after delivering.

4. Bloody diarrhea: Prepare decoction by boiling 10 to 20 grams root of Pithavan in water. Take this decoction with 250 ml milk of goat. It provides relief.

5. Fistula:

  • Make a paste by grinding 8 to 10 leaves of Uraria lagopoides with water. After that, apply this paste on the affected parts, it provides relief.
  • Taking 10 ml juice of Uraria lagopoides leaves regularly for few days cures fistula.
  • Grind Uraria lagopoides with a little quantity of catechu (katha) to make a paste and apply this paste on the affected parts, it cures fistula. Or Grind catechu (katha) and black pepper together in equal quantity. Taking this mixture is also helpful.

6. Jaundice:

  • Taking juice of 10 to 20 grams leaves and roots of Pithavan is helpful for the patient of jaundice.
  • Grind the leaves of pithavan to make the thick powder and dry it in shade. Boil 10 grams this powder with 400 milliliters water until remain 100 milliliters water to prepare decoction. Taking this decoction normalizes spleen enlargement, dropsy and cures stomach diseases.

7. Fractures: Taking 5 grams powder of Pithavan with 2 grams turmeric regularly for 21 days is useful to get relief in fractures.

8. Poison of Vatsanabh:  Give 40 ml juice of pithavan panchang (root, stem, leaf, fruit and flowers) after mixing sugar in it to the patient. It provides benefit.

9. Fever: Bind fruit, flower, roots with red thread and wrap on the forehead. It cures fever.

10. Stone: Stone can be broken by taking Pithvan, sarivan, solanum indicum (big kateri), wild eggs plant (small kateri) and pedalium murex (gokharu) together.

11. Over eating: Boil Pithavan and salvan with milk and mix ghee and honey in it and take, it removes over eating.

12. Burning sensation of body: Take 10 grams panchang (root, stem, fruit, leaf and flowers) of Pithavan. It eliminates the burning sensation of body.