Exercise in pregnancy


Pregnancy articles:

          Women should take light exercise during pregnancy period in the presence (guidance) of a maternity (progeny) expert otherwise she can get harm. She must get proper information from him that how to get fresh air and to come back in resting stage during exercise.   

Precaution to be taken during exercise-

  • Exercise should be taken in the morning, because in the morning, environment is fresh and free from dust and smoke.
  • For this purpose, a thick carpet or clothe should spread on the ground.
  • During exercise, loose and comfortable clothes should be used.
  • Exercise should be taken in the morning and evening in empty stomach.
  • Exercise should be taken only when you feel happy.
  • Women who have the history of miscarriage or bleeding in the beginning of pregnancy or the uterus mouth has stitched for conceiving should do exercises in which she can feel comfortable. A pregnant should not do tough (hard) exercises, because it can be harmful for her.

Exercises a pregnant should have to do everyday-

  • A pregnant should avoid standing as bending backward, because she can bend herself backward for balancing her body.
  • The ideal posture of standing for a pregnant is to stand straight with having closed both the feet.   
  •  Sitting on a chair with lodging (putting) the back is the ideal posture of sitting for a pregnant.                       
  • She should lie down on the right or left side. Putting a pillow under legs while lying down provide much relief.
  • A pregnant should not bow (bending forward) for taking anything from the ground (floor). For this purpose, she should sit by bending her knees with keeping the waist straight.  
  • Massaging the back during delivery is useful and provides relief in the pain and contraction of her waist.
  • Standing with separated legs and sitting on the heels end waist pain and constipation.
  • She should touch her soles after making the legs straight with the hands. 

Breathing exercise-

  •  By taking breathe during breathing exercise; exercise of all the muscles is taken place. At the time of giving birth to young ones, a woman has to take in long breathe, hold breathe, apply force (effort). So, breathing exercise has its own importance. By breathing exercise, the lungs get maximum oxygen that is pumped in to the blood that then circulated in the entire body.  
  • For this purpose (breathing exercise), first of all a pregnant should sit on a carpet with folding her legs. At this time, she should keep her body, waist, shoulders, head and neck, etc. straight completely. After that, she should take in breath and then take out. This activity should be done 3 times a day. Now, she should take long breath and then try to hold it as much possible as she can. This activity should be also done 3 times a day. By doing such activities, the holding capacity of breathe is increased by itself. The activity of take in and take out of breath (inhaling and exhaling) should be done very carefully and comfortably.   

Exercise for neck-

  • If the neck muscles will strong, she can do all the routine works with ease.
  • For this exercise, you should sit on the ground with keeping the body straight and the shoulders as up, the waist, head and neck should have in a straight line. She should bow her head so that the chin touched with the chest. Then, you should up your head gently and open your mouth. This activity should be done for little while. After sometimes, do this activity again after closing the mouth. By this activity, the exercise of all the neck muscles is completed. 
  • In the other exercise of neck muscles, move your chin to the right shoulder by bending the neck and hold it for little while then move the chin in the center gently, again move your neck and touch left shoulder with the chin. By this activity, the exercise of muscles of both the sides of neck is completed. In other exercise of neck, up your head and look towards ceiling of a room up to minimum 10 seconds, then come back and hold the head as facing frontward for 5 seconds. After that, bow your head so that the chin can touch with the chest. This activity should be done for 10 seconds 5 times one after another. In the next exercise of neck, the neck should be moved towards right side so that ear can touch the shoulder. Hold this position till 10 seconds then after, move your neck again in the center. In this way, move your neck to the left side and hold it for 10 seconds. It should be done 5 times in day.    

Exercises of shoulders-

  • In it, the exercise of both the shoulders, neck, the front and back muscles of the neck is completed. Well, this exercise is very common and easy, but it is very important for women.
  • For this purpose (exercise), first of all you should sit on a carpet and then move both the shoulders backwards with making them up after taking long breathe and then it should be moved backward. This exercise should be done 10-15 times. During this exercise, you should try to touch the shoulder with the ear.            
  • While doing exercise, you should sit as straight with stretched shoulders, faced neck and face, direct eyes. After taking a long breathe, move your right hand towards back. Palm should be kept open and the fingers as downwards as far as possible and then move your hands against yourself. After taking long breath, move your left hand backwards and hold it for sometimes and then move them in front of yourself. This activity should be done 6-7 times in a day.     
  • By doing exercise for the shoulders, the exercise of the breasts is also completed. It rises up the breasts muscles so that they can not hanged down after becoming heavy.
  • Women should do such types of shoulders related exercises till feeding their baby. It keeps the breasts in shape always.

Exercises for hips and perineum-

  • The exercises of hips and perineum have its own importance, because the muscles of stomach, hips, waist and perineum are relaxed after conceiving and her body starts hanging (becoming loose). Few women are suffered from hernia too. By doing such types of exercises regularly, woman remains healthy and her muscles remain stretch as earlier that keeps the body in shape (graceful). These muscles play also an important role in pregnancy period to hold the foetus weight.       
  • With the help of these muscles, a pregnant applies force at the time of giving birth to young ones. This exercise can be performed by sitting, lying or also with standing posture. In this exercise, she has not to do anything externally, but only to feel herself internally.
  • While performing this exercise, you should relax (loose) her hips muscles. By relaxing these muscles, the body is also relaxed at the time of urination. Now, you should contract the muscles of your hips and perineum while urination as like as you are trying to hold the urine. It should be done 7-8 times. Repeat this activity. By doing in this way, you feel contraction in vagina, urethra and its upper region, and up to the navel. This activity should be done 10 times. Contracting the muscles, holding them for long time and relaxing them each time are beneficial for women.      
  • After delivery, the blood vessels of the uterus and anus start coming out, known as piles, due to looseness of the body muscles. This disease can be also cured by performing the exercise of hips and perineum regularly. While doing this exercise, keep in mind that you have to take in and take out breathe.         

Exercise for ankle-

  • Having strong ankles are also very important in pregnancy, because during this period, the total weight of a pregnant falls on it. Thus, she should have performed exercises related to it.
  • For this purpose, you should sit on a piece of carpet and spread your legs frontward. Raise your one leg and bend it in this way that it comes on the knee of other. Now, hold the ankle of this bended leg with one hand and move it with the help of other hand in left side and then in right side after sometimes. It should be done many times.

Exercise for knees and waist-

    • As well as pregnancy period passes, the waist, knees and legs start paining due to increasing weight of the foetus, uterus and other parts. Due to working for whole day, stretch starts falling on the muscles of waist and legs. Therefore, exercises for waist and knees are very important in this condition.    
    • For this purpose, bend your knees and then bend yourself forward (bow) and balance your body with help of your palms. In this position, your waist must have straight. In this way, hold your body with the help of both the knees and palms. The hips and knees as well as the shoulders and hands must be in a line. It is very important. Now, you should turn down (bow) your head.
    • The hands should be bended in this way that your weight falls on your elbows, hands as opposite to each other, right palm touches left hand and left palm touches right hand. You should hold this position as much as you can. After that, open (stretch) your knees gently and then give pressure. Now, come back in relax position.

    Exercise like that of duck steps-

      • By performing this exercise, the exercise of hips bones and all the muscles on it, a round location on and under hips bones, etc. is done. The posture of this exercise as like as Indian people sit in toilet.
      • For performing this exercise, first of all, you should sit on the ground on your feet and then take your left leg outward and go a step forward. Do same with your right leg. In this way, you should continue it in a room gently. It should be done 4-5 times by giving little gap.

      Exercise by making the back as curved-

              By performing this exercise in pregnancy period, the exercise of waist muscles, hips muscles and bones is done completely. As soon as a pregnant feels backache, she should perform this exercise. It is beneficial for her.            

      Exercise by raising hips-

        • The exercise of hips and back bones is done by performing this exercise. It provides permanent strength in pregnancy period and prevents the hips to become big.
        • For performing this exercise, first of all, you should lie down on a piece of carpet. Bend both your knees with flat feet on the ground. Straight hands on both the sides and palms touch the ground. Now, try to raise up your hips by applying force on the feet and hands and hold this position up to 10 seconds. Now, take off your hips on the ground gently.  
        • One thing we must keep in our mind that exercises must be done according to our body capability. Do not apply too much force while doing exercises.

        Exercise by making the back as circular position-

          • By performing this exercise, we can give relaxation to the muscles of our back and waist. It also eliminates backache of a woman.    
          • For getting this posture, you should take off your palms on the ground by bowing with making the hands and shoulders in a line. The knees should be also kept in a line of hips. Keep little distance in between both the knees so that they can not able to touché each other while exercising. Look upwards with making your back straight and come back in earlier position after sometimes. This exercise should be done 2-3 times after giving little gap.   
          • This exercise is restricted for a pregnant having high blood pressure or has the history of bleeding in the beginning of her pregnancy period.

          Cramping pain of feet during pregnancy-

                  Cramping pain starts in the feet and legs calves of a woman at night or in the day due to lack of salt, improper blood circulation and deficiency of calcium and vitamin B in her body. To stop such pain, following exercise should be done everyday. First of all, she should walk 5 steps on her feet claws and then come back 5 steps on her heels. After that, she should walk 5 steps with the help of section between claws and heels and on the outer edges of her feet. This activity should be done 3-4 times in a day and at night before going to bed. She should also use vitamin B and calcium in her diet.

          Exercises for waist and stomach-

            • Such type of exercise is very important in case of waist pain and pain of lower bones of spine. With the help of this exercise, women can also protect her stomach muscles to become loose. It can be also performed after delivery. Backache can become permanent for whole life due to falling pressure of uterus and foetus on the waist muscles in pregnancy period. So, she should perform this exercise regularly.
            • For this purpose, she should stand on a piece of carpet and take in long breathe. The knees should be bent forward and stomach should be contracted inside toward back. Now, this position should be hold for sometimes and then release breath and make the knees straight. It is beneficial.

            Other exercises of the waist-

              • In other exercises of the waist, stand and move one leg toward one side gently and hold this position for sometimes. After that, take in both the legs close. Do the same with other leg.
              • You can do this exercise also by moving your leg frontward.
              • Keep both your hands on the waist with standing position and bend the upper parts from the waist rightward and then come back in earlier position after that bend leftward. This exercise should be done 5-6 times in a day.

              Exercise for legs-

                • This exercise is beneficial in blood circulation and feet cramps.
                • For this purpose, first of all, spread a piece of carpet on the ground and lie down on left or right side. After that raise your one hand and keep the head on it while the other should be kept on the stomach. After that, raise your leg from hips and hold it up to 10 seconds and then take off your leg gently. In this way, perform this activity by changing the side.
                • In other exercise, sit on a piece of carpet and then spread your legs and hold this position for 10 seconds after that take both the legs close.

                Relaxation after performing exercises-

                        A pregnant should take rest completely after exercising. After exercise, she must lie down with closed eyes in the position which provides her relax. During this position, she should relax her body muscles, control on her thoughts and remain in this position for 10-15 minutes.