Exercise for health and beauty



          Beauty, attractive face and personality are boon gifted for a woman by nature. But, she has to do lots of work to get graceful body and attractive personality. Patience, behavior, exercise, practice of walking, sitting and standing postures, balanced diet, sweet voice and gorgeous robe are essential to achieve this aim. Whole personality of a woman depends on these things. As far as attractive and graceful personality is concerned, a woman can achieve it with the help of balanced diet, exercise and complete rest. Mostly, balanced diet and exercise keep the body fit and fine by leaving some cases of ugliness caused by genetic reasons and hormonal disturbances. 

Every woman’s desire:

          In this modern era, every girl or woman wants to be slim like heroines of films. Girls want flexible and active body. They want to be the owner of blooming youthfulness along with graceful face and figure. But, such innocent girls do not know the fact that heroine have to do lots of efforts to get beautiful face and attractive figure. If modern girls are suggested to adopt restraint on dieting and exercises, they don’t adopt it. They say that they have no time for such kinds of activities.  


          Often, women who live in joint family complain that they don’t have peaceful place to do exercise. But it is not necessary that exercise is done only in open place. If a woman wants to do exercise, she can do many exercises by adopting right postures while doing domestic deeds and morning walk. She can walk on her paws for some time. Taking deep breath during morning walk is also a very good exercise. 


  • Make a habit of regular walking in the morning and evening. High heeled shoes should not put on while walking. Footwear without heeled should be put on while walking. Walking on green grass on bare foot in the morning is very essential. Keep your waist and back in erect position while walking. Shoulders should not be bent at all during walk. Postures of standing and walking will become well forever by doing such kinds of exercise for some days regularly. Back bone will remain erect by the practice of these adequate postures. Backache will never take the doer in its grasp. Such exercises will increase the attraction of gait and personality.
  • Take deep breaths for 5 to 10 minutes by standing in fresh air regularly in the morning and evening. In our country, surya namaskara and pranayam are done to achieve this aim. Inhaling too much air into the lungs is called pranvayu (wind of life). But in this busy modern life we are forgetting such kinds of tips which improve our health. Generally, neither too much time nor special place is necessary to do such kinds of exercises. Such kinds of exercises can be done on the roof, yard and veranda or before the window. 
  • Pranayam is an action of inhaling breath. Close your mouth and take deep breath through nose slowly but in this way so that breast may not come outwardly and wind may spread both sides of ribs. Try to stop breath inside the lungs as much as you can. Thereafter, exhale breath slowly by opening mouth slightly until total winds comes out. Do this exercise for five times in the beginning and do for 15 times after sometime.    
  • If you cannot go for a walk daily, the exercise of taking deep breath is very necessary for you. You will feel no problem by doing this exercise. Old people, handicapped people and ill people can do this exercise on their bed too. All the people who do this exercise do not become the victim of lungs’ diseases. This exercise provides good health and glow on the face. 
  • Raise your paws upwardly and bring your hands over the head. Knees and elbows should not be folded. Try to drag stomach muscles inwardly and inhale breath. Then, fold knees and exhale breath. Thereafter, keep your paws on the ground. Keep your back in erect position and hands in an extending position. Now, bend waist and hands forwardly. Thereafter, inhale breath and bend your palms downwards the earth. Back should be kept in an extending position along with extended neck and face. Don’t fold your knees at all. Stay in this stage for 20-25 seconds. Do this exercise for 4-5 times in day.
  • Stand on the ground by stretching your feet. Thereafter, bend your waist and neck downwardly by folding knees a little. Bring you both hands before the face and keep the direction of your palms outwardly. Then, inhale breath and thereafter exhale breath by enclosing fits of both hands. Then, keep the weight of whole body on the right foot. Thereafter, give pressure on the ground with the help of right heel. Return in previous condition after 20 second. Do this exercise with the help of left foot. Do this exercise 4-5 times in a day.
  • Try to walk on the paws for 100 steps while walking in the morning or doing exercise at home. Waist will become erect and stomach will not bulge out. Make a habit of doing work by standing on the paws. You can stand on your paws while mopping flour and by holding anything from any higher place.  
  • If you are lifting or holding a heavy thing like bucket or other heavy thing, you should bend towards the opposite side of weight not towards the side of weight. In the same way, try to keep your waist, back and shoulder in an erect position while mopping flour, cutting vegetable, washing clothes and cooking meal. You will get complete benefit by doing this exercise while working. Practice of such kinds of proper exercises will improve your personality.    
  • Jumping rope and swimming is a good exercise for girls. The body becomes strong by dancing too. Playing tennis and badminton is also a good exercise. Working on grinding mill is also a good exercise for homemakers.  
  • If your skin is dry, apply oil all over the body and massage before taking bath. If skin is oily, rub your body with dry palms. Oil massage or massage with dry palms increase the circulation of blood and strengthens nervous system. Doing so enhances mental and physical health. Thus, you will be the owner of good and graceful shape and figure. 
  • Exercise can be divided into four parts.
  • Walking and inhaling deep breath
  • Adequate postures of doing domestic deeds. Such kinds of postures provide relief of exercise, rest and right way of walking.  These exercises cure several diseases of the body.
  • Some special exercises which are done to achieve good and graceful body and such kinds of exercises contain simple exercises for whole body and special exercises for different body organs. 
  • Some special kinds of exercises which are done to get rid of ugliness of some special organs, state of illness or too loss body weight. 

Exercises for legs and hands:

  • Stand in an erect position by keeping feet at the distance of one foot. One foot should be in backside while another on further side. Raise your arms over the head. Both palms should be in open condition towards the front side. Bend your both arms by touching with the head and giving pressure with the waist towards the back side foot. Legs should be in an erect position. Return in the previous stage and take deep breath then change your posture. Now, keep your second foot forwardly and first foot backwardly and bend your arms towards another direction touching with the head. Do this exercise for five times in a day.
  • Stand in an erect position one and half foot away from the wall. Bring your feet close together. Keep your left hand on the wall and stretch right hand forwardly and bring it towards the left hand by moving it with the wall. Legs should be in erect position while doing this exercise and upper portion of the body should be moved from the waist. Thereafter, inhale deep breath by coming in normal condition. Thereafter, keep your right hand on the wall and stretch your left hand forwardly and move it in a circular way like before. Do this exercise for 5-7 times in a day by changing body postures.
  • Hold chair from the backside by standing one foot away from the chair. Now, keep your right foot on the ground. Hold chair with the right hand and stretch left leg and left arm backwardly as much as you can by keeping the portion of waist on the right hand. Take deep breath by standing in erect position and change postures of the body. Now, hold chair with left hand and keep your left foot on the ground. Now, stretch your right hand and right leg backwardly by keeping the portion of waist on the left arm.  Do this exercise for five to seven times by changing the postures.
  • Stand one foot away from the chair by holding it from the backside. Now, keep your right foot on the ground and stretch right hand backwardly. Now, raise your foot by folding it from the knee and bring it in front of the waist. Now, keep your left palm from the opposite side on chair by touching left arm with the knee. Now, change the posture and take deep breath by standing in erect position. Now, keep your left foot on the ground and stretch left arm backwardly and come in the previous stage by folding right knee. Do this exercise 5-7 times in day.


  • Exercises of legs and arms are very useful for the waist, hip and shoulders. Gait of a woman become well by doing these exercises.

Some exercise for waist and stomach:

  • Keep your both hands side by side on the waist by standing in fresh air in the morning. Shrink your stomach inwardly and take deep breath through nose. Stop breath for sometime inside the lungs. Thereafter, exhale breath slowly by opening mouth a little. Do this exercise for at least 5-10 times. Raise your heels while inhaling breath and keep your heels on the ground by bringing them slowly downwardly while exhaling breath. This exercise not only gives a bulge to the breast but also provides oxygen to the lungs and makes them healthy.  
  • Stand in an erect position one foot away from the wall. Then, stretch your both arms side by side. Now, move your arms by folding to the waist and keeping the legs in an erect position. Now, rest your right hand on the wall of left side hand and thereafter rest your left hand on the side of right side wall by moving in another direction. Do this exercise for five to seven times alternatively. This exercise is beneficial for the shoulders, arms and breast along with belly and waist.
  • Keep your both feet one foot apart from one another in parallel condition. Raise your both arms over the head. Now, bend towards the right side from the waist by keeping the legs in erect position and then try to touch to the right side foot by bending both arms in the right side direction. Do this exercise daily for 5-7 times in a day by changing the postures. This exercise is very good exercise for waist, belly, hip, leg and arms.
  • Sit on the ground and stretch both legs forwardly. Keep your both hands backside of the neck and entangle your fingers of both hands. Now, keep your left elbow on the left knee by bending the body towards left side. Then take deep breath by returning in normal position. Do this exercise for 5-7 times alternatively in a day. 
  • Keep your feet 9 inch apart from each other while standing in erect position. Thereafter, keep your both hands side by side on the waist. Now bend towards the fight side as much as you can bend. The portion from feet to hip should be in erect position. Bend upper portion of the waist by keeping the head in erect position. Then, take deep breath by returning in normal position. Thereafter, bend towards left side. Do this exercise 5-7 times regularly in a day. This exercise is very good for belly, breasts, legs, arms and shoulders.  
  • Sit on your heels by keeping whole weight of the body on your toes. Keep your both legs side by side by keeping the portion from hip to knee and from hip to shoulders in erect position. Now, touch to the both hands with the ground. Try to shrink your stomach inwardly as much as you can do. Thereafter, sit on your heels in an erect position and take deep breath. Do this exercise for 4-5 times. This exercise is very beneficial for hip, legs, arms along with waist and belly.

Special exercises for hips:

  • Lie on the flour, on your back. Rest your both palm side by side. Then, fold your knees and then raise them upwardly. Raise your hips by bringing knees towards the breasts. Thereafter, take deep breath by extending both legs up and then fold to the knees. Do this exercise for 5-7 times. This exercise is very good to make hips graceful and to remove extra fat from the hips. It helps to reduce the bulge of the belly.
  • Sit on the ground by stretching feet forwardly. Keep both arms side by side. Then, rest both palms on the ground with the hips. Paws of the feet should be backwardly. Then, raise your hips from the ground along with legs by pulling your both big toes inwardly and extending both legs. Now, return in normal position and take deep breath. Do this exercise for 4-5 times. This exercise is very good to make hip, legs, shoulders, breasts, belly and waist graceful.
  • Sit on the ground by stretching both feet like before. Keep your both arms side by side. Now, rest your both palms on the ground by bending backwardly. Toes of the feet should be in the front side. Now, bend your neck towards right side by keeping weight on the palms and raise your hip from the left side along with legs. Then, return in normal condition and take deep breath.  Now, raise your hip along with legs by bending the neck towards left side. Give twist to the hip by moving left and right side in the position in which both palms have been rested on the ground. Legs should be in extending position and moving feet should be a little high from the ground. This exercise is very useful for the legs, arms, shoulders, back, breasts, belly and waist.
  • Sit on the ground by stretching feet forwardly. Then, fold right knee and rest toes on the ground and heel should be under the hip in this position. Now, extend right arm parallel to shoulder by keeping left hand on the waist. Take a deep breath by returning in normal position. Then, fold left leg from the knee by keeping right leg in erect position. Now, keep right hand on the waist and extend to the left arm parallel to shoulder. Repeat this exercise for 5-7 times for each side. This exercise provides relief to the legs, arms, back, waist and breasts.  


  • It is not essential many postures of exercise may be adopted at one time. a woman can do exercise while doing domestic deeds and plying with the children but devotion is essential to get healthy, attractive and flexible body. Do exercise what you like for at least ten minutes daily. Spending 15 minutes over the exercise to make the body healthy and attractive is not hard.
  • Besides these normal postures of exercises, there are some special exercises to improve the shape of different organs. Such kinds of exercises are done by learning or by the help of machines. Any fault of the body because of injury or accident, obesity and other faults can be removed with the help of exercises.
  • Exercise should be done by spreading mat on the ground. You can do exercise in front of the window if there is no open area for exercise. 
  • Exercise should be done after the excretion of stool in the morning. Exercise can be done in the evening too but after two hours of taking meal.
  • Don’t wear many clothes while doing exercise and clothes should be loose.
  • Any posture should be started from five minutes and then increase the time till the 10 to 15 minutes gradually.  Exercise should not be done on large scale otherwise you will feel great tiredness. Flexibility does not come in the body by doing exercise on large scale on one time.  
  • Try to bring flexibility in the postures of sitting, standing and walking along with the exercise of different body organs. A person starts to live with the habits of straight back and neck and right ways of working with legs and hands. Keep any heavy vessel filled with water on the head and walk for sometime in the home to establish the habit of walking in a straight position. A heavy book or an earthen pot filled with water can be kept on the head while establishing this habit. A woman can establish the habit of waking in an adequate way by doing this practice for some days. Attractive gait is very essential along with graceful body and personality.
  • Being happy is very essential whether you are walking or doing simple or special exercises. Exercise should not be done unwillingly or forcibly. Do different postures of exercises with joy and happiness. If you do so, you will get complete benefit of exercises. Thus, you will get mental health along with physical and neural health.