Excessive sweating



          Exuding sweat is a common process because filth of the body comes out from the body through it. When sweat comes out on a large scale, it may be a kind of disease because of which the victim faces excessive problems. In this disease, sweat comes out on large scale form the body at night and the patient faces many problems because of this reason.

Cause of excessive sweating:

          A person becomes the victim of this disease because of body weakness and polluted liquids existed in the body.

Treatment of excessive sweating through nature therapy:

  • The patient should make his stomach empty by adopting enema regularly and besides it he should take hip-bath (Kati-snan). He should tie a bandage of wet soil on the waist. In this way, the patient gets rid of this disease within some days.
  • After making the stomach cleansed through enema, the patient should drink milk and take vegetables and simple food.
  • The patient should mop his body by taking a towel drenched in hot water before sleeping at night.
  • If excessive sweat starts exuding on the hands and feet, he should massage hands and feet with the oil of sky blue color bottle that has been kept in sunlight. The disease is cured soon by doing so.