Eupion is useful for curing many types of diseases. Specially, this medicine is used for removing different symptoms of women diseases. Eupion is the best remedy in the cases of back pain, excessive menstrual secretion before the time, watery excretion and scratching of the upper membrane of the uterus. This medicine provides quick relief to the suffered woman from above symptoms.  

The patient suffers from night-mare, sad dreams and excessive sweating after doing some work. He feels his body like lapsi. These symptoms can be ended by taking Eupion. 

Useful in different symptoms:

Head related symptoms:

The patient suffers from giddiness and feels as if all the things are revolving around him after sitting on the bed. The patient feels warmth in the upper side of the skull with pain like pricking needle. This pain moves down wards and reaches in the stomach and genital organs. The patient suffers from burning sensation with intensive pain of the head and painful ringworms on the head having burning sensation. Giving Eupion to the suffered patient provides quick relief in above symptoms.

Back related symptoms:

The patient suffers from sacrum pain, felling of bone fracture and severe back pain by that crop of, he sits with support. This pain starts from the back and moves slowly towards the pelvic organs. Giving Eupion to such patients gets rid of pain quickly.

Symptoms related to the external parts of the body:

Eupion should be used in the cases of pain with twisting of the calves. This pain aggravates at night.

Symptoms related to woman diseases:

Eupion is an excellent remedy in the cases of excessive leucorrhoea, irritation during menses, menstrual secretion before the time, menorrhagia, burning sensation in the right ovary, heart and chest pain like pricking needle, back pain with yellow leucorrhoea after menstrual secretion, back pain with excessive leucorrhoea, pain with burning sensation in the middle of the vagina while urination, vaginal swelling, pruritus pudendi, folded membrane of the uterus and Chir-Nalika disease. The woman does not want to speak due to irritation. This medicine provides relief in above symptoms.     


Eupion can be compared with drugs like- Creosote, Graphites, Lachesis, etc.


3 potency of Eupion is used in normal diseases, in the case of much painful diseases; its 200 potency should be used.