Eupatorium purpureum




Eupatorium purpureum is very effective remedy for curing many types of disease; especially this medicine is used for curing all the problems related to urine like- diabetes mellitus, straugury, stimulation of the urinary bladder, enlargement of the prostate glands and food particles coming with urine. 

The patient who suffers from water filled in the lungs (dropsy of the lungs) should take this medicine; it brings water out from the lungs. Eupatorium purpureum is also used in the cases of body coldness and pain which moves upwards. This medicine ends impotence and progeny. If a person faces the problems of incomplete sexual satisfaction during sexual relationship, Eupatorium purpureum should be given to him. It enhances sexual power and sperm count.

Useful in different symptoms:

Head related symptoms:

The patient suffers from giddiness with pain in the left side of his head and the patient feels as if he will fall down towards left. The patient suffers from headache after vomiting, pain from the left shoulder to the rear part of the head and headache. This headache starts in the morning and aggravates slowly at noon, in the evening and in the cold air. These problems can be cured by taking Eupatorium purpureum.       

Throat related symptoms:

Eupatorium purpureum is an excellent remedy for curing hoarseness, intensive burning sensation behind the throat and feeling as if something is filled in his throat. 

Chest related symptoms:

The patient who feels slight pain inside the liver and pain in the chest like cutting and chopping should take Eupatorium purpureum. It gets rid of pain quickly.  

Symptoms related to urinary problems:

Eupatorium purpureum is used for checking problems of diabetes mellitus, slight pain in the kidney, burning sensation of the urinary bladder and urethra while urination, desire for urination just after urinate once, lack of white urination, numbness in the urinary-bladder and lack of urine. 

Eupatorium purpureum can be also used for curing diabetes mellitus, stimulation in the urinary bladder and other urinary problems of woman.   

Back related symptoms:

The patient who feels pressure on the back and waist as if weight has kept on them should take Eupatorium purpureum.

Fever related symptoms:

Eupatorium purpureum should be taken in the cases of intensive headache, bones pain, shivering in the whole body, feeling of less thirst caused by fever in the winters and effects of cold which starts from the back and moves in the whole body. It provides quick relief in the above symptoms. The patient suffers from intermittent fever (malaria) in which coldness starts from the lower parts of the back and moves upwards and downwards of the arms. Giving Eupatorium purpureum to such patients cures this fever.  

Symptoms related with women diseases:

Eupatorium purpureum should be given to the woman who suffers from stimulation in her urinary bladder.


Eupatorium purpureum can be compared with drugs like- Senecio, Cannabis-Sativa, Heloni, Phosphoricum-Acidum, Triticum and Apegia etc.


Eupatorium purpureum can be used as 1 potency to cure diseases.