Eupatorium aromaticum



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Eupatorium Aromaticum is an excellent remedy for curing problems of neuralgic stimulation, restlessness and insomnia caused by any diseases. This medicine is also used for curing symptoms of hysteria and chorea. Eupatorium Aromaticum should be used for curing low with restlessness.

Eupatorium Aromaticum is used in the cases of skin blisters, breasts pain, blisters in the mouth of baby while sucking, vomiting caused by bile, stomacache, headache and fever. It provides relief in above symptoms.


Eupatorium Aromaticum can be compared with drugs like- Lapsana-Communis, Hyoscyamus, Passiflora, Hydra-Mur, etc. 


Eupatorium Aromaticum should be applied on mouth blisters and breasts ulcers. Mother tincture of Eupatorium Aromaticum can be also used for curing diseases.