Eugenia jambos & jambosa vulgaris


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Eugenia Jambos has symptoms of diseases that sometimes create senselessness. This medicine checks strange diseases like- the excitement of patient changes into despair suddenly and patient seems everything as big and beautiful, normal and tough eruptions on the face, pain around pimples, pink acnes and different types of pimples on the face. The patient gets relief by smoking and retching.     

Useful in different symptoms:

Head related symptoms:

Eugenia Jambos is the best remedy for curing problems of delirium, hot tears from the eyes and headache with feeling as if something has kept in the right side of his head.

Symptoms related to the external parts of the body:

Eugenia Jambos should be used in the cases of cracked skin near the toes, pain of soles twist at night, cracked middle skin of feet fingers (toes), unrolled of nail skin and pus from nail skin. It provides quick relief in above symptoms. 


Eugenia Jambos can be compared with drugs like- Eujiniya Chaekan, Antimony, Barbe-Aqui, etc.