Esculant Fiacurtia



Name: Esculant fiacurtia is known by these names as-Vakuchi, Soma, Krishna, Somraji, Kushthghni, Karmighni and Kantida.

Taste: It is sweet, bitter and spicy. Its use remains a person from old age to some extant.

Nature: It is cool in nature.

Quality: It is purgative and useful for the heart. It brings the dry phlegm out and kills worms. It is useful in the treatment of disturbances in blood caused by bile, asthma, leprosy, spermatorrhoea, fever, swelling and jaundice.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Asthma: Make the powder by grinding esculant fiacurtia, turmeric, small peeper, mango ginger (aamba turmeric), black peeper corns, black salt, black cumin seeds and toasted borax 20 grams each and 10 grams fuller’s earth together. Take 3-4 grams this powder after filtering with warm water. Its use is beneficial for the treatment of asthma.

2. Boil of akuta: Grind 25 grams esculant fiacurtia and mix mustard oil in it. Applying this mixture on the boil of akuta is good remedy.

3.  Skin diseases:

  • Make a decoction by boiling the powder of esculant fiacurtia. Drink this decoction and apply its oil on the skin too. Both processes provide relief in the skin diseases and leprosy.
  • Take 10 drops oil of esculant fiacurtia by pouring it on the sugar spongy cake (batasa) to get relief in leprosy.
  • Make the powder by grinding 1 part orpiment, 1 part gallstone (gorochan) and two parts esculant fiacurtia together. Mix cow’s urine in this powder and apply it on affected part. White leprosy disappears by its use.
  • Mix equal quantity of esculant fiacurtia’s seeds, Indian gooseberry (amla) and the bark of catechu tree together. Boil this mixture in 2 cups of water until it remains only ¼. Drink it after filtering. Red and white leprosy disappear by its use.
  • Make thick powder by grinding 12 grams pure aamlasar sulphur, mango ginger, seeds of esculant fiacurtia and black cumin-seeds together. Immerse 12 grams this powder in an earthen pot’s water at night.  On the next morning, filter this water and drink followed by chewing 25 grams toasted gram. This process should be continued for three days regularly. Its use ends itching.
  • Mix savage almond, esculant fiacurtia and sandal oil 20 grams each together and fill in a bottle. Apply this oil on the skin thrice a day, it cures white leprosy.
  • Grind 3 grams powder of esculant fiacurtia with 3 grams sesame. Taking this prepar ation twice a day provides relief in white leprosy.
  • Grind 250 grams seeds of esculant fiacurtia and mix water in it. Apply this mixture in a small earthen pot and make curd in this pot. Prepare ghee from this curd and take. Its use provides relief in white leprosy.
  • Make the powder by grinding equal quantity of esculant fiacurtia and pure sulphur together. Immerse 10 grams powder in 50 ml water daily in the morning and crush this mixture in the evening. Drinking this preparation after filtering provides relief in white leprosy.
  • Make the powder by grinding 100 grams esculant fiacurtia. Taking 2 grams this powder with water twice a day provides relief in white leprosy.