Eryngium aquaticum




Eryngium Aquaticum is very useful for curing all types of urinary problems. This medicine ends all the symptoms related to urine and cures all the problems of urination. Taking Eryngium Aquaticum cures strangury, nerves erethism and influenza. This medicine should be used in the cases of thick and yellow mucous coming with urine and offensive sweating like urine especially in the evening. It prevents offensive sweating and mucous secretion.

Useful in different symptoms:

Symptoms related to respiration:

Eryngium Aquaticum is the best remedy in the cases of sharp pain of throat and larynx, intensive cough and feeling of throat contraction. It cures cough and gets rid of pain quickly.  

Cough related symptoms:

Eryngium Aquaticum should be used in the cases of intensive pain with irritation of the throat during cough and thick, yellow and greasy phlegm from the throat by coughing. This medicine provides quick relief in above symptoms. 

Symptoms related to urinary problems:  

Eryngium Aquaticum is an excellent remedy for checking problems of diabetes mellitus (frequent urinating), stomachache and problems during urination, intensive burning sensation of the ureter, feeling of stomach contraction and pain in the back portion of thigh bones.    

Eryngium Aquaticum should be taken in the cases of kidney pain, problems of blood circulation in the kidney and slight pain of the back which moves downward and reaches slowly in the ureter. 

Eryngium Aquaticum is also used for curing enlargement of the prostate gland or stimulation of the urinary bladder due to pressure on the ovary.

Symptoms related to men diseases:

Eryngium Aquaticum should be used for curing problems of ejaculation of semen by itself caused by some reasons, penis stimulation with sperm falling, laziness, undesired for sexual relationship, sexual dreams at the night and mind fickleness caused by increasing sexual desire.  


Eryngium Aquaticum can be compared with drugs like- Conium, Cannabis, Diosco, Osim, Clima, etc.


Mother tincture of Eryngium Aquaticum to its 3 potency is used to cure diseases.