Eriodictin is the great remedy for curing symptoms of asthama and problems of the respiratory-pipe. This medicine is also useful for curing problems of excessive sweating at night, T.B. of the respiratory-tube and asthma in which patient gets relief by throwing phlegm out. Eriodictin should be taken for curing problems of cough after influenza, exudations from pleural cavity, lack of appetite, digestion problems and dry cough.   

Useful in different symptoms:

Head related symptoms:

The patient who feels pressure outwards in the head and in the rear part of it should take Eriodictin. This medicine is also used to end problems of cold, coryza, ears pain, burning sensation of the throat, offensive smell from the mouth in the morning, excessive sneezing and giddiness with cold and catarrh

Symptoms related to respiration:

Eriodictin should be used in the cases of mucous coming from the nose during cold and coryza with asthma, feeling of soughing sound while breathing, pain in the right part of the lungs, burning sensation of fauces, chronic swelling of the respiratory-pipe and T.B. of the respiratory-pipe in which phlegm throws out easily and patient gets relief. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms and gets rid of pain quickly.   

Symptoms related to men diseases:

The patient suffers from pain with strain of the testicles and this pain aggravates by any pressure. Giving Eriodictin to such patients gets rid of pain quickly. 


Eriodictin can be compared with drugs like- Grindelia, Arolia, Eucalyptus, Ipecacuanha, etc.


The mother tincture of Eriodictin can be used as 2 to 20 drops to cure diseases.