Erigeron leptlon cannadense




Erigeron Leptlon Cannadense has known to be very useful to prevent bleeding from any parts of the body, but sometimes it causes bleeding too after reaction of this medicine for curing diseases. Erigeron Leptlon Cannadense should be used for curing chronic gonorrhoea, burning sensation while urination, retention of urine and other problems related to urine. The patient who suffers from gas trouble and pain with burning sensation in the ureter during dysentery should take this medicine. It gets rid of pain and eliminates stomach gas.

Erigeron Leptlon Cannadense is an excellent remedy in the cases of secretion from the uterus membranes, pain during urination, pain in the left ovary, hip pain and excessive bloody lochia with urination. It gets rid of pain and prevents secretion and bleeding.

Useful in different symptoms:

Symptoms related to women diseases:

Erigeron Leptlon Cannadense should be used for curing problems of metorrhagia with severe stimulation of the urinary bladder and rectum, cracked uterus, bloody lochia, menorrhagia, excessive leucorrhoea, blood deficiency and lochia (excretion after delivery) which returns back after little movement of the body. Besides them, this medicine is also used in case of vaginal stimulation with leucorrhoea during menstrual secretion.

The woman who suffers from weakness of the uterus during pregnancy periods and bleeding from the uterus by doing some work should take Erigeron Leptilon Cannadense. It ends uterus problems and makes it strong. 

Erigeron Leptlon Cannadense is also used for curing blood piles and nose bleeding instead of flow during menstrual secretion.

Symptoms of men diseases:

Erigeron Leptlon Cannadense can be used for preventing blood coming with urine due to stone in the urinary bladder.

Stomach related symptoms:

Erigeron Leptlon Cannadense is the best remedy for curing problems of blood vomiting, weakness, jaundice, body yellowness and burning sensation in the stomach with excessive retching.

T.B. related symptoms:

The patient who suffers from blood vomiting and blood with spit during T.B. should take Erigeron Leptlon Cannadense. These symptoms can be cured by taking Erigeron Leptlon Cannadense. It filters blood and also prevents bleeding from the body.


These symptoms aggravate by moving the body and taking rest on the left side.


The patient gets relief by lying down and taking rest quietly. 


Erigeron Leptlon Cannadense can be compared with Terebinthina


The patient can take mother tincture of Erigeron Leptlon Cannadense as 3 potency. 

In the case of flatulence, Erigeron oil 1x can be used.


Disease can be cured by other treatments too besides taking medicine like- mix 3.50 milliliters oil with yolk (yellow part of an egg) and half liter milk to prepare solution. Now, this solution can be taken as anima.