Erecthitis is used for preventing bleeding from the body parts. It also cures all types of bleeding. This medicine is used for preventing all types of bleeding like- nose bleeding, red and bright blood from the nose, ears bleeding, mouth bleeding, blood coming with urine, lungs bleeding, anus bleeding and bleeding from the ovary. 

Erecthitis is used for curing diseases caused by stimulated circulation and effects of heat and cold. This medicine should be used in the cases of retention of urine, bloating of the external parts of the body and stomach pain like twist. It provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Useful in different symptoms:

Skin related symptoms:

Erecthitis can be used for curing symptoms of Sironcha-Vish on the skin and other symptoms of the skin.


Erecthitis can be compared with drugs like- Tamamelis, Milipholium, Erigeron, etc.


This medicine is used as mother tincture to 2x potency.

Symptoms of Erecthitis:-

Sometimes, the patient can feel coldness and warmth like fire in the body after taking Erecthitis.