According to homeopathic doctors, Equisetum is used for curing many types of diseases; especially it acts on the urinary bladder and cures symptoms related to it. Equisetum is also useful for checking frequent urination and problems while urination.     

Useful in different symptoms:

Symptoms related to urinary problems:

Equisetum is an excellent remedy in the cases of diabetes mellitus, ureter pain, intensive pain of the ureter caused by blocked urine, retention of urine, burning sensation with severe pain in the ureter while urination, lancinating pain of the ureter and feeling of urine just after urination. This medicine provides quick relief in above symptoms.  

Besides it, the child who is habitual of bed wetting and he remains sleep deeply while bed wetting. Giving Equisetum to the child abolishes this habit.

The old person who suffers from incontinence of urine and motions with urination, but he does not know about his situation, etc. should take Equisetum.

  Equisetum should be taken for checking problems of pus with urination, incontinence of urine, retention of urine, sediments in urine and dark colour urination. 

Kidney related symptoms:

The patient suffers from sharp pain in the right kidney which aggravates slowly towards the lower parts of the stomach and desire to urinate due to increasing pain. Giving Equisetum to the suffered patient gets rid of pain quickly. The patient who suffers from intensive pain in the right side of the back, etc. should take this medicine; it gets rid of pain. 

Symptoms related to women diseases:

Equisetum is the best remedy for curing problems of frequent urination, burning sensation while urination and retention of urine during pregnancy and after delivery. The old woman who suffers from numbness of her urinary bladder should take Equisetum.   


These symptoms aggravate by walking, pressing painful part, sitting down, touching the suffered part and lying on the right side. 


The patient gets relief from diseases by lying after noon.


Equisetum can be compared with drugs like- Hydrogea, Ferrum-Phosphoricum, Apis, Cantharis, Lynaria, Chimari, etc.


The patient can take mother tincture of Equisetum in 6 potency.

Taking one spoon decoction of mother tincture of Equisetum with hot water cures all the problems of urination like- straugury, stimulation of the urethra, dropsy and swelling of the lungs membranes. It also removes stones of the urinary bladder.