Epigea repens




Epigea repens is prepared by mixing Arbutin and Karmic acid. Epigea repens is used for curing many types of disease. Specially, this medicine is used for curing urinary problems. This medicine acts on the symptoms of urinary problems and cures them. 

Useful in different symptoms:

Symptoms related to urinary problems:

Epigea repens is an excellent remedy for curing chronic swelling of the urinary bladder, burning sensation while urination, diabetes mellitus, testicles diseases, pus coming with urine, filth of uric acid coming in urine, habit of groaning while urination, burning sensation of the ureter while urination, frequent urination, testicles swelling and rumbling sound of the intestines. It also removes kidney stone.   


Epigea repens can be compared with drugs like- Yuva, Chimaphilla, Lycopodium, Pareira, etc. 


Giving the mother tincture of Epigea repens as 5 drops at the intervals of every 3-3 hours to the patient provides quick relief.