Enlargement of liver in children



         Health of small babies depends on the diet of mother. If the mother of the baby is ill, the child will be ill too. In this situation, the treatment of a mother should be started along with the treatment of baby. Small babies can be the victim of many diseases and enlargement of liver is the main disease of small children. Enlargement of liver in children is a kind of disease. This disease can be cured by nature therapy. A baby becomes the victim of this disease when the mother contains flour, ghee and sugar in her meal.

Treatment of this disease by nature therapy:

  • The mother should include milk, fruits and vegetables in her meal for the treatment of this disease.
  • The mother of the baby should drink lemon mixed water for the treatment of enlarged liver.
  • The mother should walk in the morning. Milk of the mother becomes pure if there is any disorder in the milk. When the child drinks this milk, the child gets rid of the disease named enlargement of liver.