Anicostama littorale is pungent, cool in nature, digestible and excitable.Name in different languages:

Hindi               :        Chhota chirayata, naya,

                                 nai, mamgeva, bahugudi

Sanskrit          :        Manjjak krumihrat, tittapatra

Marathi           :        Mamijava, kadunai

Gujarati           :        Mamjava

Latin                :        Anicostama littorale


            It ends bile disorders, urinary problems, indigestion, bile disorder and burning sensation. It curs relapsing fever, typhoid, diarrhoea, stomach diseases, cough, diabetes, wound, skin diseases and brings sweat out too. It makes menstrual excretion normal and keeps fit blood circulation. It also ends quenches over thirst and kills stomach worms.