Encouraging Pregnant for Delivery


Pregnancy articles:

Method of delivery-

          It is very difficult to say on which day baby will take birth. However, birth of baby can be estimated. Only few deliveries take place on fix time otherwise remaining takes place before or after a week (7 days). According to study, only 6 to 7 percent delivery takes place on time.     

Calculating estimated time of birth-

          Mostly, period of pregnancy is of 280 days i.e. of 40 weeks or 9 months and one week. This time can be calculated from the first days of last menstruation. For illustration- suppose last menstruation of a woman was 15 June, first we add 7 days in 15 June i.e. 22 June after that we add 9 months in it i.e. 22 March, it will be the estimated time of delivery. It should also be kept in mind that even baby would take birth in 38 or 42 weeks, there is no chance of any type of harm for the baby. But, it is also fact that baby is become matured too in this period of time in which condition, birth is also become necessary.   

          In the estimated time of birth, it may be possible to have gap of 1-2 weeks. It depends mainly on time of menstruation. Menstruation takes place in 25, 28, 35 or 40 days in different women. Eggs develop in women body according this time period and early or delay birth takes place according to this menstrual time period.    

          Menstruation in fair sexes is like that of mirror. Menstruation on time indicates her good health.

          In case of first delivery, birth may take place on right time, but it would take place early in case of second or third delivery. Women, who work hard, also give birth to young one before time. This is the reason why, working hard in the last month of pregnancy may be harmful. Women who are weak physically and mentally also give birth to young one before time. 

          Those who use means of family planning and have become pregnant by its fault or failure, it is difficult even to calculate right time of delivery in such condition. But, in this modern time, information about the shape of baby’s head, length, width, bones, age of baby, etc. is found out through ultrasound.   

          Baby lives for complete 9 months inside mother’s body and the mother does not feel any type of trouble. But, different people have their own opinions about pain and trouble occurring at the time of delivery. According to the beliefs of few people, a type of hormone form inside woman’s body at the time of delivery which is responsible for such pain. But, it can not be considered as 100 % true today. 

Right time of delivery-

          Generating sensation of pain in uterus through medicines or by normal methods is known as encouraged delivery.

          In this method, pregnant can be encouraged for giving birth to young one by giving sensation of pain after observing right time, condition, position and maturity of baby, lowering of baby’s head, softness of uterine mouth (opening) and decrement in its length, etc.

          Sometimes, operation can also be done in bad condition of both mother and baby, because condition may be different in each delivery.  

Different methods of delivery sensation-

          After completion of pregnancy period, contraction of muscles is started by giving about 20 to 30 ml of castor oil to the pregnant at night. Delivery process can be started through this old method. Bathing with hot water or by giving soap water or glycerin in anus i.e. through anemia process, delivery process is started. 

Expanding vaginal walls-

          Membrane is being separated from uterus just after expanding inner and outer opening of uterus. As a result of it, sometimes little bleeding before birth is natural. Sticky substance, which acts like a lid, is separated from that place along with this action. It is known as show. After this action, a bag of fluid is developed and starts appearing from outside through this opening.  

          For encouraging delivery, finger coated with any antibacterial medicine should be rubbed gently on vaginal walls to expand. As well as, finger should be moved in between amniotic sack and uterus to make them separate. Thorough this method too, the pregnant can be encouraged for delivery.

Bursting of amniotic sack-

          Amniotic sack can be burst for encouraging for delivery, resulting women start feeling labour pain. If this membrane would not be burst, it is burst by itself at the time of birth.

Advantages (benefits) of bursting amniotic sack-

  • Woman starts feeling labour pain by bursting amniotic sack.
  • Delivery time can be decreased by bursting amniotic sack.
  • When baby’s heartbeats would start becoming fast, it is beneficial to be burst out amniotic sack.
  • If baby has excreted inside uterus and amniotic fluid would come in yellow, green or brown appearance after bursting amniotic sack, it becomes necessary to make arrangement of delivery immediately.   

Disadvantages (benefits) of bursting amniotic sack-

  • Ovule can leave the wall of uterus by bursting amniotic membrane. In this condition, foetus is not able to get sufficient amount of blood enrich oxygen.
  • Baby’s navel may come out by bursting amniotic membrane and may be suppressed in between mother’s hips bones and baby’s head. As a result of it, the baby does not get sufficient amount of blood enrich oxygen which is very harmful for baby.
  • Pressure is found equally on baby by bursting amniotic membrane.
  • Bacteria are reached inside the body by bursting the amniotic membrane. As a result of it, baby nourishing inside the womb may be suffered from different types of diseases.

Amniotic fluid-

          Baby grows inside mother’s womb in a type of fluid. This fluid is known as amniotic fluid. This fluid is filled in bag like structure inside uterus. This bag like structure is called amniotic sack. As well pregnancy period passes as changes start taking place in this fluid. This fluid is present inside uterus in as much volume as the baby can move easily for 16 to 30 weeks inside the uterus. After 34 weeks, the baby takes a stable position. In this period of time, amniotic fluid starts decreasing. However, as much volume of the fluid is left as the baby could move properly in it.

Amniotic fluid is present inside female body in about 1 liter. After 36 months of pregnancy, this fluid starts decreasing. As well time of delivery comes closer as the volume of fluid is decreased. When the foetus is become of 40 weeks, amniotic fluid is left about 800 cc in volume and after become the foetus of 42 weeks, the volume of this fluid is left about 200 cc.  

          In the beginning of pregnancy, amniotic fluid is transparent like water. After that, as well pregnancy period passes as this fluid goes on changing in green and yellow appearance, however it is become transparent in the last period of pregnancy. When the foetus is become of 8 weeks, amniotic fluid start forming. In tenth week, amniotic fluid is left about 30 ml in volume. After completion of 20 weeks, this fluid is present about 300 ml in volume. After 30 weeks, it is left about 600 ml in volume. In 38th week, the volume of this fluid is of 1000 ml. after 40 weeks, this fluid is left about 800 ml in volume and after 43 weeks, this fluid is left only about 200 ml in volume.

Role (function) of amniotic fluid-

  • The foetus goes on growing and moving in this amniotic fluid.
  • Due to presence of amniotic fluid in between uterus and the foetus, any type of pressure does not fall on the uterus.
  • Due to presence of this amniotic fluid, any affects of temperature does not fall on the foetus.
  • The foetus nourishing inside the womb takes this fluid and urinate also just in the same fluid.
  • This fluid is distributed the affect of any outer hurt of jerks equally in the uterus.
  • This fluid helps to the ovule in being attached normally with uterus.

          It is very difficult to say even today that how and where amniotic fluid forms? But, it is believed that it is secreted from the walls of amniotic sack and goes on collecting. It forms much in between 12 to 24 weeks of pregnancy. Later, its volume is decreased. If woman is suffering from kidneys disease or any other disease, its volume may be varied. In physically weak women, the volume of this fluid may be less. Its volume may be increased or decreased in case of defects in the structure of the foetus.  

          During pregnancy period in women, coming out of this fluid from the body is more harmful. If it comes out in additional volume, birth my take place before time due to starting labour pain in the uterus. When this fluid would start coming out due to any reason, the pregnant should need to take rest and consult an expert doctor immediately. She can find out by placing cotton that in how much volume it is coming out. It should be kept in mind that this fluid may be urine too. In such condition, taking medicines and rest is very beneficial.

Encouraging for delivery by prostagalandin gel-

          The pregnant is encouraged by putting this medicine in the opening of uterus. 

Medicines of veins given in blood-

          Medicines are given in veins through glucose. This medicine is called oxytosin. It is just the hormones that secretes from pituitary glands. It acts mainly as to generate contraction in the uterus. It is given in woman’s blood through glucose. After giving it, labour pain is started. If any other injection is necessary for the pregnant, it is also given through glucose. If operation becomes necessary, the pregnant is made unconscious by giving its medicines also through glucose.    

Encouraging for delivery through pills of medicine-

          In this case, the pregnant is encouraged by putting such pills (tablets) under her tongue. This method is followed in different family even today as well as was followed in early time.

Encouraging for delivery with the help of breasts-

          By rubbing and pressing the breasts of a pregnant by hands and by rubbing her nipples by fingers and thumbs, sensation can be generated in her breasts. As a result of it, hormones named ‘Oxytosin’ start coming out from the pituitary glands of her brain that encourages her for delivery after mixing in the blood. 

Encouraging for delivery through sexual intercourse-

There are three types of fluid is found in the semen of a man-

  • Fluid of testicles.
  • Fluid of prostate gland.
  • Fluid of seminal vaisaykal.

          Among all these three fluids, a type of hormones is found in the fluid of vaisaykal, called prostaglaundin. Labour pain is started by falling down of this fluid on the opening of uterus. But, it may be possible only when pregnancy period has completed.

Important notes-

  • Glucose tube should be used only of any branded (reliable) company and should have long.
  • Cleanliness is very important for glucose.
  • By applying benfalo on the opening of this tume while using glucose, she does not feel any type of pain. It should be stuck with a cello tape.
  • If any medicine is added in glucose, you should have knowledge about that medicine and in how much dosage it has added in it as well as how much drops of this medicine is giving in a minute.
  • The stand of glucose should have on wheel so that it can be moved easily to anywhere.
  • At the time of birth, it is very important that mother’s urinary bladder must be empty so that any type of affect could not fall on her urinary bladder at the time of birth.
  • It is very necessary to have a toilet near the room at the time of delivery so that she can use it if necessary.
  • She should not be allowed to lie down on the side of her hand on which glucose would be arranged.
  • The hand in which glucose needle has arranged should not be used for lifting any heavy weight.