Enclosing spondylitis



          There is swelling in the back bone of a person due to Enclosing Spondylitis because of which the body structure near about the backbone becomes loose and there is fusion in the joining vertebrae. Besides, there is hardness and contraction there too. The back bone of the child gets affected very much in this disease and there is too much contraction in the affected portion. The back bone of the victim becomes as a straight bamboo. That is the reason why this disease is called bamboo spinal.   

Symptoms of Enclosing Spondylitis:

        There is a twist along with pain in the back bone due to this disease. There is excessive pain in the joints of the affected portion. The victim does not able to turn and bend his neck.

Treatment of Enclosing Spondylitis by nature therapy:

  • If a person becomes aware about this disease, the treatment should be started without delay because if this disease becomes serious, the victim can be handicapped.
  • The victim should follow all the rules relating to meal. He should not drink milk. Milk products should not be taken too. He should do exercises daily.
  • The patient of this disease should take bath in the morning with hot water.
  • The victim should take steam bath and sauna bath once a week.
  • Cold and hot fomentation should be given on the joints of victim get rid of this disease.
  • The victim should keep on washing his hands and feet with hot water during the treatment.
  • A cold bandage should be applied on the disease affected portion. 
  • A paste of hot soil should be applied on the affected portion regularly. Its use ends the pain of joints completely.
  • The disease affected portion should be kept before sun light because sunlight contains ultraviolet rays which reduce pain.
  • The victim should massage his disease affected portion with the jet of hot water and thereafter he should take whirl pool bath.


          The victim of Enclosing Spondylitis gets rid of this disease by the treatment of nature therapy within some days properly.