Emptiness of the bones



        Generally, any person of any age group can be the victim of this disease but mostly, people above 50 years become the patient of this disease. Women, who have faced menopause, become the victim of this disease too.

Symptoms of emptiness of the bones:

  • The patient of this disease suffers from backache and ache in the feet.
  • Waist of the patient bends and he feels difficulty while walking.
  • The hip bone becomes weak in this disease.
  • Turning and moving capacity of the patient reduces and the patient feels spasm in the muscles of waist in this disease.
  • The bone of the patient of this disease breaks because of slight jolt.

Cause of the emptiness of the bones:

  • A person, who takes imbalanced diet, becomes the victim of this disease.
  • Bones become empty from inside if there is a lack of calcium and vitamin ‘D’ in the body.
  • Bones of the women above forty years become empty after menopause. 

Treatment of this disease according to naturopathy:

  • The patient of this disease should drink juice of fruits or vegetables for one week continuously. He should include fruits in his meal on a large scale.
  • The patient of this disease should take balanced diet.
  • Milk of white sesame is beneficial for the patient of this disease. Therefore, the patient should drink milk of white sesame for some days regularly.
  • The patient should take such fruits which are rich in vitamins. The use of such fruits provides lots of relief in this disease.
  • The patient should not take fried, spiced, polluted meal, sugar, sweet and fine flour product.
  • First, the patient should cleanse his stomach by adopting enema. He should do exercise regularly. The patient gets rid of this disease within some days by the treatment as mentioned above.