Embracing and its methods


Embracing means arousing, producing strokes in each other’s skin, clasping to each other, fondling, rubbing, grasping and kissing etc.

Establishing sexual intercourse without sexual urge and excitement is the invitation of several physical and mental diseases. Therefore, eight steps of sexual intercourse have been mentioned in epics to get real sexual pleasure of sexual intercourse. All these steps arouse a woman’s sexual urge and provide her orgasm. Thus, these steps are very essential to get great sexual pleasure.

Need of embracing before sexual intercourse:-

A woman becomes fully sexually excited with the help of embracing. The vagina of the woman become wet and the penis enters into it easily. Both man and woman get sexual satisfaction if sexual relation is made in this way. A woman will feel pain if a man enters his penis in dry vagina forcibly. Here it means to say that a woman should be aroused before inserting penis into the vagina. Sexual pleasure changes into much pain if sexual relation is made without arousing a woman. Hence, embracing before sexual intercourse is very essential.   

Eight steps of sexual intercourse:-

1.     Embracing

2.     Kissing

3.     Play with nails

4.     Thrill with teeth

5.     Techniques of sexual intercourse

6.     Sounds that are produced during sexual intercourse

7.     Role of man by the woman

8.     Oral sex


Embracing is the first step of sexual intercourse. Clasping to each other by both man and woman and trying to cuddle into each other’s arms is embracing. Of course, embracing is the beginning of sexual intercourse.

Generally, there are eight kinds of embracing but it has been divided into two categories.

1.     Pre marital embracing

2.     Marital embracing

Pre marital embracing:-

This kind of embracing is done by those males and females who are familiar to each other and who have love in their hearts for each other. It has been divided into four parts: 

1.      Sprashtak (Touching):-

In this kind of embracing, both man and woman touch to each other’s body. This embracing is adopted when they do not get chance to meet each other. The lover forwards by touching the body of her beloved. Similarly, the beloved also forwards by touching the body of her lover. All these activities are done so quietly that none becomes aware about it. A strange kind of sensation produces in their body if both touch to each other in this way.   

2.      Vidawk:- 

This kind of embracing is started by cleverer beloved. A beloved goes near her lover quietly when she finds him alone on a lonely place. If the lover is sitting, the beloved bends in this way that her breast may touch with the body of her lover gently. If the lover is standing, she takes her lover in her arms tightly backwardly. The lover becomes excited because of the touch of his beloved’s breast. This kind of embracing is good for those beloveds who are in love but do not taste the pleasure of sexual intercourse. However, both have been attracted and fascinated to each other.    

3.      Piritak:

This kind of embracing is adopted when both man and woman are in deep love to each other. Of course, this kind of embracing is the developed form of Udrastak. In this kind of embracing, a lover takes her beloved in his arms who is standing near by wall or some thing else. He strokes all the body organs of her beloved. This kind of embracing can be adopted by the woman too. This kind of embracing is a clear symptom that both lover and beloved are eager to make sexual intercourse.

Both lover and beloved have taken the taste of sexual intercourse when both are in deep love.  Here embracing has been divided into four parts which have been given below.

4.      Latavashtik: (cuddling to each other like a vine):

In this condition, a beloved embraces to her lover as a vine cuddles with a tree while lovemaking. She kisses the lips and mouth of her lover repeatedly. She keeps on hugging her lover in her arms and gives pressure on her lover’s chest with her breast. In this way, a lover becomes sexually excited.

5.      Vrakshaadhirudhak: (climbing on a tree)

In this condition, a beloved puts her one foot on the foot of her lover and clutches her lover’s thigh with her another foot. Besides, she clasps the waist of her lover with her both hands. There is pressure on both lover’s penis and vagina of the beloved because thighs of both are closing to each other tightly.      

6.      Tiltandulak:

This kind of embracing is adopted before sexual intercourse. Both involve in this kind of embracing to arouse each other by lying on bed. In this situation, mostly the beloved lies on the right side of the man. Both take side face to face and cuddle to each other tightly. Mouth touches to mouth, lips touch to lips, breast touches to the chest, thighs touch to thighs and vagina touches to the penis very closely. In this situation, sexual urge of both lover and beloved does not satisfy without sexual intercourse.

7.      Kshirmalak:

In this kind of embracing, both male and female become restless to loss into each other’s body. This kind of embracing is adopted by two ways.

  • In the first situation, both male and female are in nude condition. Woman sits in the lap of her husband and embraces to him in her arms firmly. The man becomes sexually excited with the pressure of woman’s breast.  
  • In this kind of situation, the man lies on bed and the woman lies on her husband’s body. Both man and woman touch to each other firmly. Sexual urge of both becomes uncontrollable when there is pressure on the sexual organs of both man and woman. This sexual urge ends after sexual intercourse.

Besides these kinds of embracing, there are other kinds of embracing too according to many people. 

1.     Urupaghan: Both man and woman do this kind of embracing by lying. A man presses woman’s thighs forcefully by taking them between his thighs. In this way, he arouses the woman. This activity is repeated by the woman too.

2.     Jaghanpoghan: This kind of embracing is started by the woman first. Man lies on bed and the woman lies over his body. She gives a pressure on her husband’s thighs and waist because of which a pressure is given to the penis by the vagina. Both become sexually excited and start kissing.   

3.     Stanalingan: This kind of embracing is also done by the woman. In this situation, a woman gives pressure on the chest of her husband with her breast by standing, sitting, by taking side or lying over him repeatedly.  

4.     Lalatika: A woman starts action in this kind of embracing too. The man lies on bed flatly and the woman lays over him in a way that forehead, eyes and lips of each other touch altogether. This kind of embracing is too much emotional and melodic. Both get orgasm with thrill from this kind of embracing.