Embelia ribes



Embelia ribes is used for curing many diseases of child. Specially, this medicine is used for throwing out worms from a child’s stomach. Embelia ribes is also useful for curing loose motions, indigestion and stomach enlargement caused by stomach worms.   

Useful in different symptoms:  

Mind symptoms:

The nature of the patient is changed due to mental disorders. The patient feels irritation, restlessness and slovenly. He scares by living alone. Embelia ribes should be given to such patients. It provides quick relief in above symptoms. This medicine is also used for curing insanity caused by poison. 

Nose related symptoms:

The person who suffers from nose itching and scratched nose should take this medicine. It cures above symptoms.

Mouth related symptoms:

Embelia ribes should be used for curing problems of tongue dryness and teeth grinding.

Stomach related symptoms:

Embelia ribes is also used for curing flatulence, loose motions, indigestion, intense retching and depraved appetite.

Rectum related symptoms:

Embelia ribes should be taken for curing problems of rectum itching, worms with loose motions and undigested food instead of motions.

Urine related symptoms:

Embelia ribes is the best medicine to cure burning sensation and bleeding with urine. 

Symptoms related to sleep:

The patient is not able to sleep properly and awakes suddenly due to night-mare during sleep at night. Giving Embelia ribes to the suffered patient provides relief and good sleep to the patient.

Fever related symptoms:

The patient who suffers from fever which starts in the morning and rose to 101°F to 103°F should take Embelia ribes. It cures fever


The patient can take mother tincture or 3x or 6 to 30 potency of Embelia ribes for curing his diseases.


Embelia ribes is also called “Karmighan” because it destroys (kill) the worms.