Color: It is black.

Taste: Elba is very bitter.

Temper: Elba is made squeezing the Indian Aloe (Gwarpatha).

Nature: Elba is hot in nature.

Precaution: Taking over quantity of it may be harmful for the intestines.

Bad Effects Removal: Starkly urens (Kateera), Rose flowers, and pistacia lentischs (Roomy Mustangi) remove the bad effects of Elba.

Dosage: About five grams Elba can be taken.

Qualities: Elba is hot in nature and brings phlegm out. It clears the stomach. It is useful for the treatment of fever, senselessness and burning sensation. It increases appetite and eyesight too. It recovers chronic wound and is useful for many types of eyes diseases. Taking vinegar with extract of Indian berberin (Rasout) and opium is very useful for the spleen. Mix aluva and jaggery in equal quantity thereafter prepare tablets from it. Unbearable pain of stomach ends by taking these tablets.

Useful in Different Diseases:

Joints pain (Rheumatism): Grind cloves, toasted borax and black pepper five grams each together and thereafter mix Indian aloe juice in this. Prepare tablets equal of gram from this mixture and dry it in shadow. After that, take 1-1 tablets with milk or lukewarm water twice a day to end joints pain (rheumatism).