Elaeodendron Glaucum



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Name in different languages:

Hindi :  Jamrashi, Bhootrashi, Kalamuka, Bakra, Mirandu, Ghevari, Patiyal, Jamoa

Sanskrit: Bhoontakunsh

Marathi:  Bhootkarashi, Bhootkasa, Aran, Tamraj, Burkas

Latin: Alio dendram locam, Alio, Raksabardhi, Alio, Penikuletas


        Elaeodendron glaucum is bitter and pungent in taste, hot in nature, stimulating and offensive. It normalizes the tridosa (vatta, pitta, kapha) and cures white leprosy. It ends the bad effects of ghosts and kills stomach worms.

        Elaeodendron glaucum leaves generate fast sneeze and catarrh. Smelling ground leaves of it causes sneeze because of that patient feels relief in dried catarrh. It is also useful to end headache soon.

        By giving smoke of its leaves to women hysteria and senselessness ends.