Effect of massage on the muscles



         Working capacity increases very much and tiredness of the body disappears when a person makes his whole body massaged. It happens because toxic substances which bring tiredness are not able to gather there. Muscles grow properly and flexibility takes birth in the body by the help of massage. 

        Fleshy portion of human body is made of numerous muscles. When such muscles puff and a kind of movement is felt in them and when muscles become soft, a kind of hardness and looseness come in the muscles. Muscles need constant movement so that they keep on getting vital power. Muscles start to work freely and become strong because of massage. Muscles of the body and blood circulation are closely attached to each other. Here it means to say that constant blood circulation in the blood pipes depends on the health of the muscles.

        Proper movement of the muscles and proper blood circulation in the nerves are the bases of our health and happy life. In the first stage, all the body organs make strong by making flexible and in the second stage, the body gets help to digest meal because of the natural circulation of the blood in the body. Thus, the meal eaten by a person is digested easily in the body. Thus, all the organs of the body start to work properly and naturally because of massage.