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In this disease, first of all, burning sensation occurs on the skin and then pus begins to come out from it after some days. It is called eczema. In this disease, first of all, red pimples appear on the skin with itching sensation and burst by scratching and changed into wounds. Watery or yellow fluid like pus begins to come out from it continuously. Sometime, blood also comes out by scratching. Eczema can appear on any part of the body. This disease occurs due to symptoms of his nature or by psoradosh. Eczema can also appear due to several reasons as- improper diet, indigestion, eating meat and fish in a large amount and do not keep the body clean, etc. It also occurs due to diabetes, brititis and arthritis. It is also originated in the summer season. Infantile eczema occurs due to defects in the mother’s milk. The standard of living can be the cause of this disease, because it occurs due to living or working in the dirty or polluted place due to other reasons. It can be also generated by rubbing on the skin.            


In the case of eczema, violent itching sensation occurs on the skin and thin secretion like water begins after scratching. Eczema can appear in any part of the body. Mostly, this disease occurs on the ears, armpits and the head. It also occurs in the reproductive organs of male and female which is too painful.

According to homoeopathic doctors, there are three types of this disease- 1. Dry eczema.      2. Eczema that blow out.

3. Eczema that appears on a particular place.   

Treatment of eczema with different drugs to cure it:-

Dry eczema:-

1. Rhus venenata:-

  • If eczema occurs on the skin with grains or pimples and in which itching sensation is felt by the sufferer, thin fluid secrets from pimples and then it is changed into scabs after drying, etc.; if such symptoms are aggravated during eczema, Rhus Venenata 6 or 30 should be taken and if the symptoms is normal, Rhus-tox should be used. If Rhus venenata is not available, Rhus tox can be taken. If the symptoms of eczema are aggravated, use Venenata 200 once in a week or its 1m potency once in a month.     
  • If eczema is acute, Rhus venenata 3 or Rhus tox 3 can be used. If disease has aggravated by taking Rhus tox, instead of changing drug, any potency from 30 to 200 of it or Rhus venenata 6 to 30 should be used.

2. Sulphur:- In dry eczema, the skin is dry and rough on which scabs are generated. Itching and burning sensation generate on the sick (affected) part. Besides it, other symptoms are also seen as- becoming the eyelids, ears, nose, etc. into red, coming offensive smell from the body, feeling hot waves in hands-legs and in head, itching sensation begins as soon as going on the bed due to its heat, feeling hungry at 11 o’clock in the night and feeling burning sensation in the legs, etc. The patient suffering from such symptoms should take Sulphur 30. By the use of this drug, itching and burning sensation are removed and eczema is cured slowly. In this disease, the patient must take care of the proper cleanliness of his body.   

3. Alumina:-If violent dry itching sensation occurs during eczema, this drug can be used. The skin suffered from eczema becomes dry, a rift to be created (to crack up) and the skin of that place becomes rigid. In such symptoms, Alumina 6 or 30 is used. Sometime violent itching sensation occurs during eczema and the skin of it gets scratched by scratching and pimples appear on that place. With these types of symptoms, the patient is suffering from the complaint of constipation. In such symptoms, using Alumina 6 or 30 is very effective for the patient. In the case of eczema, if pimples follow itching sensation, instead of Alumina, Hepar-sulphur should be taken.

4. Psorinum:- If eczema is dry and scabs are formed on it especially in the eczema of face and head, using Psorinum is appropriate. Watery pus secrets from eczema which becomes into scabs after drying then secretion begins below the scabs and grains starts appearing under the scabs. Secretion is thin, offensive and gives burning sensation. Due to this disease, hairs start to fall; pain is aggravated at night and itching with burning sensation also occurs. The patient should take Psorinum 200 in such symptoms.  

5. Mezereum:- This drug has known as very useful especially in the eczema of the head. Thick white pus goes on accumulating below the scabs in which hairs aground it are stuck together. Offensive secretion begins from eczema and worms (bacteria) are originated (grown) in it. In the condition of such symptoms, Mezereum 6 or 30 should be taken. Using this drug in the condition of occurring eczema on any hairy part of the body is beneficial.

6. Petroleum:- Dry eczema with scabs and rifts has appeared on it. Blood visible beneath the scabs, but there is no secretion from it. In the condition of such symptoms, Petroleum 30 or 200 should be taken. This drug is also used in such eczema which disappears in the summer season and appears in the winter season. If the back portion of the ears is cracked, this drug can be also used.

7. Tellurium:- If eczema has appeared behind the ear or round marks like ring have fallen, Tellurium 6 or 30 can be used. This drug is also used to cure itching sensation generated by barber’s razor; itching, eczema and ringworms of the hands and legs,.

8. Calcarea sulph:- Calcarea sulph is used in the condition of dry eczema occurring in the children. Yellow pus is produced in eczema and then changed into scabs. Small pimples appear on the head with itching sensation. In the condition of such symptoms, taking Calcarea sulph 3x or 12 is very effective.

Eczema that blow out (wet eczema):-

1. Oleander:- If eczema appears with pus and scabs on the forehead, Oleander 6 or Kali Mur 6 should be used.

2. Bovista:- This drug acts effectively in the eczema of the skin and cures it. If eczema occurs with the secretion of thin fluid on the knee and aggravated in the full moon day, Bovista 3 to 6 is used. If eczema occurs in the women with the troubles of menses, use of this drug is very effective in this case.  

3. Graphitis:- This drug can be used in the condition of secretion from any type of eczema. If itching sensation occurs in eczema and red secretion like honey begins from it after scratching, pain starts in the skin of hands, face, lips and behind the ears by rubbing and the symptoms of disease is aggravated by heat and at night, use Graphitis 6 or 30. If symptoms are fast, use 200 or 1m. Use its higher potency once in a week or a month.

4. Hepar-sulphur:- Wet eczema occurs on the skin in which pimples full of pus appear with itching sensation. The patient feels relief in moist and hot air and having troubles in dry and cold air. Pimples appear due to scratching; he feels pain by even little touch of the affected part and offensive smell like decomposed cheese from that place. Using Hepar-sulphur 30 or 200 is very effective in such eczema.

5. Croton:- In the condition of eczema with itching sensation feeling on the face or reproductive organs, Croton 3 should be taken.

6. Hydrastis:- If eczema has occurred on the area of the head from where hairs start to grow, Hydrastis-30 should be used.

7. Baryta-carb:- Eczema appearing on the head has scabs on it. After removing scabs, soft red skin visible from which thin secretion like water begins. Troubles are aggravated by washing the affected part and patient’s hairs start falling. Baryta-carb 30 should be used in such symptoms.  

8. Merc-sol:- Pimples filled with pus erupt on the head; itching sensation is aggravated at night; itching and burning sensation are aggravated by scratching. In the condition of eczema appearing on the face, ears, fingers, etc. in which itching goes on feeling by the patient day and night and blood comes out by scratching. Using Merc-sol 30 or 200 is beneficial to cure such eczema.

9. Sulphur-Iodide:- This drug can be used in weeping eczema with other types of skin diseases. This drug is also used to remove itching sensation caused by pimples and barber’s razor.

Use of different drugs on the basis of the location of eczema:-

  1. Alumina is very useful to cure eczema appearing on the arms, legs and on the reproductive organs.
  2. In the condition of eczema appearing on the ears and the back part of the palm, using Bovista is very effective.
  3. If eczema appears on the hands and fingers, any drug among Carbolic acid, Carbo veg and Rhus Venenata, etc. can be used.
  4. If eczema appears on the cheek, chin, upper lips, etc., using Cicuta Virosa is very effective.
  5. Croton Tig and Rhus-tox are used in eczema that appears on the reproductive organs and testicles.
  6. If eczema appeared on the area between testicles and anus, Antim-crud is used.
  7. If eczema appears on the palm, fingers and behind the ear, using Graphitis is very effective.
  8. Merc-sol should be taken in the condition of eczema appearing on the head, ears, face or fingers, etc.
  9. Using Lachesis is very effective in the case of eczema on the face, behind the ears and on the testicles.
  10. Sepia can be used in the condition of eczema appearing on any part of the body. But this drug is used especially in eczema that appears on the hands, head and back.
  11. Hepar-sulph, Calcarea-carb and Mezereum are used in the case of eczema appearing on the head or face.
  12. Oleander is used in eczema appearing in the rear of the head, behind the ears and on the head.
  13. Petroleum is used in the case of eczema appearing on the hands and testicle.
  14. Psorium is used in eczema behind the ears.
  15. If eczema appears on the head below hairs, Hydrastis should be taken.

Some other treatment with the use of different drugs in the condition of eczema:-

  1. Wounds should be kept covered.
  2. The patient should take milk and fresh greens.
  3. The patient should not scratch too much in the condition of eczema, because it helps disease to aggravate.
  4. Do not eat sweets, fish, meat and heavy diet additionally.
  5. The place around wounds should be kept clean and pure olive oil should be applied on them.