Echinacea & rudbeckia





Echinacea-rudbeckia is the best remedy for curing many types of disease. Specially, this medicine is used for preventing bleeding. Echinacea-rudbeckia is also useful in problems of respiratory-tube, blood poisoning and main symptoms of blood poisoning (Jivvishraktata) due to germs. It also cures above diseases. Taking Echinacea-rudbeckia cures diarrhoea with typhoid. This medicine is also used for curing gonorrhoea, boils, offensive wound and swelling.

The patient who suffers from acute pain, chronic pain, pain which occurs in the last stage of cancer, etc. should take Echinacea-rudbeckia. It gets rid of pain quickly.

This medicine is also useful for checking symptoms of snake- biting. Echinacea-rudbeckia cures forehead swelling, pimples, swelling of the back bone and symptoms which appears after delivery. The person who suffers from physical tiredness, fever with intensive pain of the neck, etc. should take this medicine. It ends tiredness and gets rid of pain and fever.

Giving Echinacea-rudbeckia to the patient of intestinal problems affecting on the half portion of the intestines and cures upper swelling of the intestines, but taking this medicine forms pus. Echinacea-rudbeckia is an excellent remedy for curing problems of swelling of the lymphatic glands, weakness and offensive secretion from the body. This medicine gets rid of pain like crushing and also checks snake-poisoning and other poisoning.

Echinacea-rudbeckia should be given to the patient in an appropriate quantity for curing goitre and eyes diseases. Giving injection of 5 to 10 drops of Echinacea-rudbeckia to the patient provides relief in thyroid glands.     

Useful in different symptoms:

Mind related symptoms:

The patient always suffers from illusion, light headache, insomnia with numbness and redness from the face to neck and seems as if the patient is very angry. The patient feels problems in doing any mental work and despair about to take any matter and view. Giving Echinacea-rudbeckia to such patients provides relief in above symptoms.

Head symptoms:

The patient who suffers from headache with the feeling of head enlargement and forehead pain, which appears from inside of the forehead, etc., should take Echinacea-rudbeckia medicine. 

Nose related symptoms:

Echinacea-rudbeckia is an excellent remedy for checking problems of offensive secretion from the nose, enlargement of the membrane creature (Rachnao) of nose, nose-bleeding, blocked- nose, swelling in the right nostril and secretion from rear of the nose with offensive wound.  

Mouth related symptoms:

Echinacea-rudbeckia should be used in the cases of mouth blisters, teeth filth, bleeding and swelling of the gums, decayed ulcers of face, corners of mouth, cracked lips, tongue swelling, dirty wound, tongue’s dryness, wound with pus, mind scariness, tongue’s whiteness, excessive saliva, redness of tongue sides and rustling sound of the lips and fauces. This medicine cures mouth blisters, wounds and other diseases of the mouth. 

Throat related Symptoms:

The patient suffers from throat swelling and brownish of the throat, which moves to the rear part of the nose and respiratory-pipe. The patient suffers from ulcers coring inside throat and throat turns into black or purple colour. These symptoms can be cured by taking Echinacea-rudbeckia. 

Stomachs related symptoms:

Echinacea-rudbeckia is used for curing problems of retching and sour belching with burning sensation of the heart. The patient gets relief by lying down.   

Chest related symptoms:

Echinacea-rudbeckia can be used in the cases of feeling pain in the heart muscles and chest heaviness with intensive pain. It provides quick relief in above symptoms.

Back related symptoms:

The patient suffers from back pain while walking slowly and stairs down. He also feels hot or cold waves in the back. These are back related symptoms. Echinacea-rudbeckia should be given to such patients; it gets rid of back pain.   

Skin related symptoms:

Echinacea-rudbeckia is the best remedy for checking problems of relapsing abscess of the skin, carbuncles, enlargement of the lymphatic gland, gangrene, chronic wounds of the calf (pindli) bones and poison of insects or pricking poisonous thorns.    

Fever related symptoms:

Echinacea-rudbeckia should be used in the cases of retching with fever caused by excessive coldness and feeling of excessive coldness of the back. This medicine is also used for curing malaria, septic fever and purpureal  fever.

Symptoms of the external parts of the body:

The person who suffers from laziness with slight pain of body parts should take Echinacea-rudbeckia. It ends laziness and gets rid of pain. This medicine is also very useful in physical tiredness, weak and thin body.

Urinary symptoms:

Echinacea-rudbeckia is an excellent remedy in cases of sperm coming with urine, lack of urine, diabetes mellitus, retention of urine, etc.; it provides quick relief in above symptoms.

Symptoms related to women diseases:

The woman who suffers from polluted blood after delivery should take Echinacea-rudbeckia. It brings dirty blood out and makes the woman healthy. The woman suffers from stomach heaviness, stomach bloating, offensive secretion of leucorrhoea coming from the vagina and scratched skin caused by leucorrhoea. Giving Echinacea-rudbeckia to suffered woman provides quick relief in above symptoms.


Echinacea-rudbeckia can be compared with drugs like- Senchris-Kantrotiks, Bathrops, Ars, Lachesis, Baptisia, Rhus, Sistus, Hepar, Calendula, etc.


The patient should take mother tincture of Echinacea-rudbeckia in 1 to 10 drops at the intervals of 2-2 hours or 3 potency of it.

This medicine can be used for washing wound and suppurated parts.