Earth Sugar Root



Name in different languages:

English      :       Earth sugar root

Hindi          :       Dudhiya Hemkand

Sanskrit     :       Dugdhkand, Hemkand, Moorva, Visarp Vairy, Dhawalkand

Marathi      :       Vikat, Kathidholo, Hemkand

Gujarati      :       Dudhiyo Hemkand, Baka, Miriaal

Latin           :       Maerua Atenaria


           Earth sugar root is sweet and pungent. Its nature is hot, but it is cool according to the some people. It eliminates pain. It cures different diseases as- swelling, cough, skin disorder, asthma, chronic fever, fever of tuberculosis, over sweating and body weakness. It purifies blood and ends poison effects. Its all qualities are equal like liquorice qualities. Grind its root (Kand) with milk to make the paste and applying it provides relief in children catarrh. Give its powder with sugar to the patient, it makes phlegm loose and throws out easily.