Earth Element



          Earth element is the last element among all the five elements sky, air, water, fire and earth. It is the mixture of all the four elements.

          Yatha-‘aisha bhutana prathvi rash’

          Here it means to say that earth is called corn too.

         Earth keeps on moving on her path around the sun with the speed of 18 1\2 mile in a second. But this is strange thing that we feel nothing about the speed of the earth. According to mathematics, another strange thing is that weight of the earth is 6 trijisum tons everdo pies or 6,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,000 tons.

      Earth is one planet among the nine planets which is not equal to a single atom in spite of so large size in comparison to big planets and sun. Third strange thing related to earth is the origin of creatures on the earth. 

         A famous epic describes that the origin of sky is soul. Besides it, water is the source of the origin of earth and medicines and herbs take birth from earth; corn has taken birth from the medicines and man has taken birth from the corn. Hence, earth (corn) is the source of the origin of human being.     

It is described in Geeta-

 ‘         ’annabhadanti bhutani perjanyadann sambhava’’

          Here it means to say that all the creatures take birth from the earth and corn take birth from the rain.  

        When parents make sexual relation in the condition of pure semen, an embryo takes birth in the uterus of mother. At this time, soul enters in the embryo on the good and bad deeds of last birth in the same way as a seed contains tree in itself, a piece of wood has fire but the seed transforms into a plant on right time and fire burn when two pieces of wood are rubbed properly. Similarly, embryo takes birth in the uterus with semen. As sun rays transparent from the crystal and a pebble but they are invisible at the time of transparent, as life (soul) enters into the embryo of the uterus. In the uterus, embryo grows and assumes a body because of the diet of corn (earth) taken by the mother. This is the reason that we call earth mother too because we take birth from the womb of earth. 


          Earth is considered holy like gangjal according to religious epics.