Ears’ beauty

Ears beauty


        A large number of women pay too much attention on their hair, make and body but they ignore their ears completely whereas ear beauty is equally important like face beauty and beauty of other body organs. Hence, wash your ears properly with shampoo while shampooing hair. If you put on baliyan in your ears, no dirt should gather near about the holes of the ear lobes. It can be that you are not aware about it but foul smell can come from the ears.

          Hence, wash baliyan in soap mixed hot water once in a week necessarily.  Clean the filth gathered near about the holes of ears. Drench a cotton wad in hydrogen peroxide, cleansing milk or any lotion and cleanse external portion of ear. In addition to, cleanse back portion of the ear too.


         Too much noise can be harmful for ears. Hence, try to remain far from too much noise. Nerves get affected because of too much noise. In this case, the disease named tinnitus can occur which is unbearable. All the patients of this disease feel strange before others because they hear hardly if someone talks with them. If this disease is not treated soon, the patient can suffer from deafness because of such kinds of problems as cold, fever, diphtheria, measles, sinus and other diseases. Consult to the doctor soon if there is any such kind of problem.