Diarrhoea, dysentery and loose motion



        Dysentery or diarrhoea is a common disease and there is a chance of the origin from small to serious disease. The person has to go for evacuation repeatedly in this disease. Normally, about ten liters liquid substance reaches in the duodenum daily in which 1.5 liters is digested by the small intestine and remaining substance is digested by the large intestine. In the last, the remaining 100 grams liquid substance comes out through the anus in the form of stool. According to doctors, excretion of stool more than 250 grams in 24 hours is called dysentery or diarrhoea whereas in real, taking weight of stool is necessary in the case of chronic dysentery.

        There are many causes of the dysentery but according to doctors there are two types of dysentery as- acute dysentery and chronic dysentery.

Violent diarrhoea-

        This diarrhoea is violent since the beginning and a person can remain in the grip of this disease for three weeks. Mostly, this disease occurs because of eating infectious substances and medicines. It occurs by taking such types of foodstuffs, which have been made by wrong methods or stored foodstuff. This disease originates because of drinking polluted water or taking decayed foodstuff. The problem of colitis and dysentery also occur because of the use of anti-biotic medicines. The nature of dysentery is helpful in classifying the infectious causes of dysentery. These diseases are divided into different parts as-

Loose motions without Inflammation -    

        This type of diarrhoea is watery and there is no blood in the excretion and the patient suffers from spasm near the naval, belching, nausea or vomiting, inflammation in the small intestines and other symptoms. This type of condition originates because of the germs which produce poison or normal absorption of small intestines and other elements which brings chaos in the excretion of stool.

Loose motions with Inflammation -

        The blood comes with stool and the victim suffers from fever during diarrhea. This thing clears that the intestinal tissues have become destroyed due to poison or infection. These elements are related to mainly from the large intestine.

Typhoid fever-

        This fever is a serious successive disease, which originates in the form of high fever for long time in the beginning. The patient suffers from illusion, asthenia, breathing problems and other symptoms in typhoid.  

Causes of chronic diarrhoea can be identified in many ways-

1. Rasakarshi diarrhoea- The person suffers from the deficiency of lactose (milk sugar) in the body in this type of diarrhoea.

2. Bad absorption diarrhoea-

  • In this diarrhoea, phlegmatic disease of the small intestine, and incomplete activity of pancreas, surgery of the intestine and there is a excessive development of the germs in the intestines develops in this diarrhea.
  • Fluid conditions originate because of reducing the increased absorption of the intestines.
  • Inflammation conditions originate due to the inflammatory diseases of the intestines.
  • Automatic derangement takes birth because of abnormal automatic rate of intestines.
  • The condition of chronic infection originates because of the long chronic infection of parasites.

Treatment of diarrhoea by Preksha yogic activities-

        The practice of yogic activity should be done for the treatment of diarrhea because it helps in providing relief in the disease and makes the body healthy.

Do the practice of any yogic activity, which are being given below-

Shatkirya (hathyoga)   

Do the practice of jalneti and kunjal kirya.


Yogic activities to stop diarrhea-


Surya namaskara, pawan mukta asana, shashanka asana and bhujanga asana


Nari shodhana Pranayam, anulom-vilom and bhastrika Pranayam


Jalandhara bandha

Time of practice

Do the practice of this yogic activity for ten minutes daily.


equanimity of breathing preksha


Meditation for improving intestinal disorders


Use steam activity at the time of preparing meals in the system of the practice of yogic activity. Take always simple and normal meals.


Spicy and oily foodstuffs and any heavy substances, which generate problem in digestion should  not be taken.

Special note-

        Do shatkirya to stop diarrhea first and thereafter do the practice of each yogic activity one by one in all the yogic activities. Concentrate on the intestines in anupreksha and keep the breathing activity continue.