Duodenum inflammatiion or cancer



A portion where the food reaches through esophagus after having meal is called duodenum.  Duodenum is the frontal part of the small intestine here it means to say that the mouth of the small intestine is called duodenum. Duodenum is situated at the upper right side of the naval. Sometimes, there is wound or swelling in the small intestine which is called inflammation of the duodenum or ulcer of the duodenum.

Use of medicines for the treatment of inflammation or ulcer of the duodenum:

1. Arsenic albam: The patient feels restlessness if there is inflammation in the duodenum. Physical power reduces and body becomes loose. Besides it, the patient suffers from vomiting and inflammation in the stomach after eating. The patient should take 30th potencies of the medicine Arsenic Albam in all these symptoms. The patient gets relief by taking this medicine.

2. Podophyllum: the symptoms are as origin of different symptoms as excessive desire to drink cold water, vomiting of the food stuff taken by the person, black and greenish vomiting with bile, pain in the right side of the stomach and aggravation of the symptoms of diseases at 3 am, ulcer along with duodenum inflammation. Such patient should take 3-200 potencies of the medicine podophylum to get lots of relief.

3. Uranium nitricum: The patient should take 2x potencies of the medicine Uranium Nitricum in the condition of duodenum ulcer because this medicine provides relief soon in inflammation.

4. Ornithegalem Ambeletum, mother tincture: In the condition of duodenum ulcer, the patient should take two drops mother tincture of the medicine named Ornithegalem Ambeletum by mixing with sugar of milk. Its use provides relief in duodenum ulcer.

5. Sadium sulphor: The use of 3-30th potencies of the medicine Sadium Sulphor provides lots of relief if the patient suffers from carcinoma ventriculi of the duodenum.