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[ D ] Related homeopathic drugs:


Normally, this medicine affects the eyes, nervous systems and the upper part of the respiratory systems. Sometimes, patient feels that he has no strength in any part of his body due to activeness of the nervous systems and he stumbles and fells down while walking. He feels numbness in the legs and trembling in the hands and legs. The patient is fallen down when he stands with closed eyes. This medicine can be used if the patient has above symptoms.

Use of this medicine in different symptoms of body parts:

Mind related symptoms: This medicine is useful in the symptoms of weak memory.

Head related symptoms: This medicine should be used if the patient is not able to stand up after closing his eyes and feels as if he will fell down towards his backside.

Eyes related symptoms: If the patient has the symptoms of conjunctivitis, feeling darkness before the eyes, paralysis of accommodation, hyperemia of the retina, weakness of accommodation, weakness of the eyesight due to hyperemia of the retina, feeling pain in the upper side of the eyes and portion between the eyes and eyesbrow.

Symptoms of the Respiratory System: This medicine should be used in the symptoms of breathing problems due to dry cough, trouble of speaking and hoarseness.

Symptoms of the external parts of the body: This medicine should be used in the symptoms of weakness in the external parts of the body, trembling in the body, feeling as if leg has been put in blank space while walking and feeling weakness in the body.

Fever Symptoms: If the patient suffers from fever, this medicine should be given to him.

Relation: Muscarean has characteristics opposite to this medicine.

Anti-miasmatic medicines: Morffea and Millocarp are used for removing the bad effects of this medicine (Duboisia).

Comparison: This medicine can be compared with Belladonna, Stramonium, Hyoscyamus, etc. drugs,

Dose: 3 to 12 potency of this drug should be used to cure diseases.