Dryness of the head



          In this disease, a patient suffers from dandruff in the head because of which itching starts in the head.

Cause of dryness in the head:

          Filth gathers in the head if head is not cleaned properly because of which dryness occurs in the head.

Treatment of dryness of head according to naturopathy:

  • Grind flowers of shoe flowers and leaves of mint into a fine paste. Mix a little water in this paste. Apply this paste on the head for half hour for at least twice a week. Several kinds of diseases of hair occur due to doing so. Thus, a person gets rid of dryness of the head.
  • Mix 80 ml juice of sweet beet leaves in 150 ml oil of mustard for the treatment of head’s dryness. Cook this preparation on the oven. Put down to the vessel after drying the juice of leaves of sweet beet. Cool to the preparation and fill into bottle. The patient gets lots of relief by massaging head with this preparation.
  • Mix lemon juice in the powder of Indian gooseberry and apply in the head to get rid of dryness of the head.
  • There are different kinds of Yoga-Asna to get rid of head dryness and several kinds of hair problems. Such Asanas are as Sarvanga-Asana, Matasya-Asana, Shava-Asana and Yognidra.
  • Mix sago and one spoon sifting in one liter water and boil for sometime. Thereafter, cool this water and wash head with this water twice in a day. Thereafter, massage head with the oil of dark colored bottle that has been kept in sunlight. Thus, a patient gets rid of dryness of the head by this massage.  
  • Stomach should be cleansed by using enema for the treatment of head’s dryness. Thereafter, this disease should be treated.
  • The patient should take breads of sifting full flour, vegetables, salad, fruits and milk to purify the blood of the body. Thereafter, this disease should be treated according to naturopathy.