Dry Grapes



Nature: Dry grape is hot to eat and wet in nature. Taking it regularly in the winter season is useful for health.  Qualities: Taking dry grape quenches thirst.Nature:

Dry grape is hot to eat and wet in nature. Taking it regularly in the winter season is useful for health.


Taking dry grape quenches thirst. It is remedy of warmth and bile. It helps to keep the heart and intestines fit. It purifies the blood and eliminates constipation.

Useful in Different Diseases:

1. To increase Blood and Sperm count: Immerse 60 grams washed dry grapes for 12 hours. Eating these dry grapes is useful to cure stomach diseases and increase blood and sperm count. Taking 200 grams (increased slowly-slowly) dry grapes provides benefit.

2. Appetite: Taking dry grape with salt and black pepper is useful to enhance appetite. This experiment is very beneficial to end anorexia in the condition of chronic fever.

3. Giddiness:

  • Fry 20 grams dry grape with ghee and mix rock salt in it and after that, take this mixture. It checks giddiness.
  • Immerge 4 to 5 pieces of dry grapes in water and filter it then crush it and take, it prevents giddiness.

4. Blood Disorders: Immerse 20 grams dry grapes in water and grind in the morning. Dissolve this preparation into water and take regularly.

5. Chicken pox: Take 2-2 dry grapes or currants; it provides relief in chicken pox.

6. Typhoid:

  • Chop dry grape in middle and sprinkle black salt. Toast these dry grapes and eat, it provides relief early. According to modern scientists, dry grape also destroys germs of typhoid fever. Avoid from excessive quantity of dry grape, because it may cause diarrhoea.
  • Boil dry grape, lodging (Vaasa) and myrobalan chebulic (Harar) each three grams with 300 ml water and prepare the decoction. Mix honey and sugar-candy in this decoction and give to the patient. It provides relief in typhoid.
  • Drink milk boiled with dry grape and after that drink orange juice. It cures fever, warmth and restlessness.

7. Collapse Fever: Grind 7 seeds of dry grape, 7 pieces of black pepper, 7 almonds, 7 pieces of small cardamom, 5 grams Kasni and 5 grams aniseed with water. Boil this preparation with 100 ml water and mix one spoon sugar in it and take twice a day, it provides relief in collapse fever.

8. Lungs Diseases: Wash 15 fresh seeds of dry grape with water and immerse with 150 ml water. Separate seeds from dry grapes in the next morning and chew one by one. Mix remained water with a little sugar or mix without sugar; drink it. Poisons pus and lungs weakness is ended by taking dry grape regularly for one month. It also cures asthma’s fits. Taking it also cures old cough, catarrh and stomach diseases. It is also useful for constipation, piles, nose-bleeding and mouth blisters. It helps to brings urine easily and increases blood red elements. Dry grape also purifies blood and increases blood and sperm count.

9. Wet Cough: Separate seeds from dry grape and sprinkle powder of black pepper. Chew these seeds and keep in mouth then sleep. Using this experiment regular 6-7 days provides relief in cough.

10. Cough:

  • Dry grape is very useful for cough. Immerse 11 pieces dry grapes, 11 pieces black pepper and 5 almonds then peel these. Grind all and mix 25 grams butter in it.  After that, take this preparation at sleeping time. Drink milk boiled with piper, black pepper and dry ginger in the morning regularly for many months, it cures coryza completely.
  • Immerse washed seeds of dry grape with water in the evening. In the next day, take these dry grapes after feeling appetite. It cures asthma and chronic cough.
  • Toast 3-4 pieces dry grape without seeds on pan and sprinkle black pepper’s powder. Taking this preparation provides relief.
  • Chew dry grapes without seeds with black pepper and keep these in the mouth and sleep. Doing this treatment for one month cures dry cough.

11. Constipation:

  • Boil 10 pieces dry grapes in milk and take daily, it provides benefit.
  • Immerse 3 pieces dry grapes. 20 grams currants and one fig with 250 ml water in the evening. Crush all in the next morning and mix a little quantity of water then filter it. Squeeze juice of one lemon in this preparation and also mix two spoons honey in it. Take it regularly for some days, it provides relief in constipation.
  • Mix 28 to 56 ml. juice of fresh dry grapes with sugar or rock salt and drink this mixture, it eliminates stomach gas.
  • Eat dry grapes with lukewarm milk before going to the bed at night; it eliminates constipation (Stomach gas).

12. Breast Engorgement: Boil 10-12 pieces of dry grape with milk and give to delivered woman twice day, it increases breast milk.

13. Stomach wind: Take toasted dry grapes with garlic, it eliminates stomach gas. It provides relief in back pain too.

14. Mouth Blisters: Immerse 8 to 10 seeds of dry grape with water in night. Filter this water in the morning and chew seeds. Mouth blisters and ulcers are cured by taking it regular in the morning.

15. Coryza:

  • Immerse 10 dry grapes, 10 black peppers and 5 almonds with water afterwards peel. Grind all and mix with 25 grams butter in it then take at sleeping time. Take milk boiled with piper, black pepper and dry ginger in the morning. Doing this treatment regularly for some days is useful to cure coryza completely.
  • Taking dry grapes with lukewarm water is useful to provide relief in coryza.
  • Immerse 6 dry grapes, 6 almonds, 6 pistachios, one clove, one cardamom and two spoons cuscus with as much water as sink all. Separate out dry grapes in the evening and then peel almonds. Grind all together and prepare a poultice (Potli) with wet thick cloth then toast on pan. Take this preparation before going to the bed at night and don’t drink water after this. It cures coryza completely.

16. Impotence: Patient should eat dry grapes because of which it enhances sperm count.

17. Mouth Offensive Smell: Eating 10 dry grapes regularly for 15 days checks mouth smell. It also checks constipation and smell of teeth.

18. Hiccups:

  • Taking 140 mg asafetida with dry grape prevents hiccups.
  • Grind dry grape, piper and nut-grass and prepare the powder. Licking this powder with honey is useful to provide relief in hiccups.

19. Sprue: Grind big myrabalan chebulie, dry grape, aniseed, and rose flowers together and prepare the decoction by boiling them. Sprue is cured by drinking this decoction.

20. Weakness: Taking dry grapes helps to end weakness. It also sets motion and urine disorders.

21. Excessive Thirst: If one has been suffering from excessive thirst, he should take four dry grapes without seeds 2-3 times a day.

22. Bile Disorders: Eating dry grapes is useful to provide much relief in burning sensation of bile.

23. Disturbance in blood caused by bile: Eat dry grapes, it provides much relief in disturbance in blood caused by bile.

24. Plague: Mix equal quantity of dry grape, aniseed, piper, Indian sasaprila (Anantmool) and renuka together. Boil this mixture with eight folds water until it remains fourth part then put down and filter. Mix this preparation with jaggery and honey and then take regularly, it cures plague.

25. Sperm Diseases: Boil 10 grams dry grapes with 250 ml milk and mix one spoon ghee and sugar in it and then drink, it provides relief.

26. Nose Diseases: Grind 5 dry grapes (without seed), 4 grams cuscus, and 6 grams mild Himalayan cherry (Padmagh) and 5 grams dried Indian gooseberry together. Immerse this mixture with 250 ml water in a soil pot overnight. Crush all with this water and then filter and take mixed with 10 grams sugar-candy, it prevents nose-bleeding.

27. Colic Pain: Drinking 14 to 28 ml. dry grapes with 10 grams jaggery 3 to 5 times a day is useful to provide relief in this disease.

28. Sperm Weakness: Eating dry grapes regularly increases sperm count.

29. Stomach Pain: Grind two pieces of dry grapes with a little asafetida and take, provides relief in stomach pain.

30. Bed Wetting:

  • Sprinkle 1-1 grams ground black pepper on two dry grapes (without seed) and give to the child before going to the bed at nigh for two weeks, it checks bed wetting.
  • Giving 5 dry grapes to the child daily is useful to check bed wetting.

31. To develop mind: Taking two grams dry grapes (without seed) with sugar-candy and lukewarm milk is useful to develop mind power.

32. Cholera: Eat boiled dry grapes, it provides relief in cholera.

33. Heart Weakness:

  • Grind 10 grams Heera asafetida, 10 dry grapes (without seed), 10 date palms, 10 grams cinnamon and 10 seeds of small cardamom together and prepare the powder. Fill this powder in a bottle. Take one pinch of this powder five times a day, it increases heart power.
  • Grind one dry grape (without seed) with 0.12 grams powder of toasted asafetida. Take this medicine with water in the morning. It is very useful medicine for heart tightness, burden and fast heat pulsations.

34. Hysteria: Boil six seeds of dry grapes with milk and mix sugar-candy. Taking it and drinking this milk is useful to cure hysteria.

35. Tuberculosis:

  • Separate 25 grams seeds of dry grapes. Immerse 25 grams almond in water then peel. Grind both with 3-4 garlic buds on stone piece and prepare sauce. Cook this sauce with 25 grams ghee in a cauldron on low flame until it makes dark like pudding (Halwa). Now, put down this preparation and mix 12 grams powder of sugar-candy in it. Taking it with breakfast is useful to provide body power. It ends body weakness and increases weight of T.B. patient.
  • Grind dry grapes, pepper, and Indian sugar in equal quantity to make the fine powder and then take one pinch of it. It provides benefit in T.B., asthma and cough. 

36. Small children cough: Grind 30 grams big dry grapes, 6 grams black pepper, 6 grams piyabansa, 6 grams turk turban moon (bharangi), 6 grams nut-grass, 6 grams indian atees, 4 grams sweet flag, 4 grams han bane seed together. After that, mix 5 grams honey in this mixture and give about ¼ gram it to the patient daily, it provides relief in this disease.

37. To increases fair glow: Grape, currants and dry grapes contain much quantity of iron element so these increase blood redness and improve skin color.

38. Women Diseases: Grind 50 grams dry grapes and prepare the powder. Mix this powder with 3 grams taj, 3 gram cassia, three grams cyperus, three grams dried mint, three grams hen bane seeds, three grams small cardamom, 5 grams Himalayan siver fer (Talis leaves), 5 grams bamboo manna, 5 grams mace, 5 grams khet sandal, 5 grams black pepper, 5 grams nutmeg, 7 grams white cumin seed, 13 grams kernel of cotton seed, 13 grams dried coriander, 13 grams root of piper, 45 grams seed of khirni, 50 grams kernel of almonds, 50 grams pistachio, one kilogram betel-nut, one kilogram honey, one kilogram sugar and half kilogram cow’s ghee together. After that, mix 50 prepared powder of dry grapes and betel-nut with cow’s ghee and toast on low flame now mix all things in it except sugar and honey. Prepare syrup of honey and sugar. Cook this syrup with prepared mixture and put down. Taking it twice a day is useful to make beautiful and charming breast. It also cures vagina diseases and makes tight.

39. To make the body powerful (Tonic): Immerse 10 or 12 washed dry grapes in water at sleeping time. Separate seed from dry grapes and chew. It enhances body blood and also purifies blood. It also prevents nose-bleeding. One should take dry grapes regularly for 2-4 weeks.