When water gets accumulated in any part of the body like the hands, legs, mouth, etc., that part becomes swell. When swelling comes in the head, stomach or arm, etc., it is called external (local) swelling and when it comes in the entire body, is called ‘Sarvangshoff’. The swelling that comes underneath the skin, starts from the legs and slowly extended in the entire body.               


Swelling comes due to abnormal menses, enlargement of the spleen or liver, in the condition of malaria or scarlet fever, chronic diarrhea, by eating additional sankhiya, in the last stage of the disease of the ureter or due to suppression of stools, urine and sweat, etc.    


Swelled part of the body becomes soft and suppressed by a finger. Besides them, the skin of the patient becomes rough and dry too, urination in little volume.

There are 3 types of swelling- little swelling, sarvangshof follows little and sarvangshof.


Inflammation of the joints:-

Giving Aconite, Puls, Iod or Rhus-tox, etc. in the condition of joints inflammation is beneficial.


In the case of sarvangshop-swelling, Arsenic, Apis, Bryonia or the mother tincture of Apocynum, Digi 3x, Natrum-sulph 6x and Sulph should be taken.

Inflammation in the brain:-

Mercurius, Helleborus, Belladonna or Apis should be taken in the inflammation of the brain.

Inflammation of the hrtipind:-

Digitalis 1x or 3x, Spigelia 3, Arsenic, Crataegus or the mother tincture of Cactus should be taken in the inflammation of the hrtipind.

Inflammation of the chest:-

Bryonia or Digitalis 1x or 3x, Arsenic or Helleborus should be taken in the condition of chest inflammation.

Inflammation of the stomach:-

The mother tincture of Apocynum, Arsenic, Croton-tiglium, China, Apis or Sulphur should be taken in the inflammation of the stomach.

Inflammation of the testicles:-

Taking Iodium, Puls, Rodo, Sulphur, Graphites or the mother tincture of Ampilapsis is beneficial in the inflammation of the testicles.

Swelling of the Heel:-

Taking China, Ferrum or Arsenic is beneficial in the swelling of the heel.

Treatment of this disease by following drugs:

1. Arsenic:-  Arsenic provides benefits in any type of swelling of the body. Arsenic 3x, 6 or 30 should be used in the condition of swelling of the chest, hands and legs or the swelling of the entire body, swelling of the stomach due to the enlargement of the spleen and liver, feeling weakness in the body, rough and dry tongue, falling hands and legs cold, feeling thirst again and again, having difficulty in breathing during sleep, changing the body in yellow, oozing serum, soft skin or wounds on the skin, etc.  

2. Apocynum:- Using the mother tincture of Apocynum is beneficial when the patient is suffering from weakness in the whole body, heaviness of the head, feels sleepy all the time, weak pulse rate, constipation but excretion is not solid, enuresis (urination by itself), heaviness from the stomach to the chest, slow function of hrtipind and ameliorating the pain by taking hot drugs, etc.

3. Apocynum-cath:- This drug is known to be very useful in the swelling of the stomach due to any liver disease.

4. Apis-mel:- Apis-mel 3x or 30 should be taken in the condition of swelling caused by urination diseases, swelling of the legs due to scarlet fever especially in the pregnant women, feeling low thirst in the beginning of swelling, grinding teeth, throbbing of the half part of the body, black or red urination in little volume, sweating in the head, etc.   

5. Apis and Apocynum:- Apis should be taken in the condition of aggravating swelling by heat, in sun, by living in a hot room, by wearing hot clothes, drinking hot water, by fomenting with hot water and in the period from sunrise to sunset and ameliorating at night. Apocynum should be taken in the condition of aggravating swelling by cold like- drinking cold water, wiping the body with cold water, living in the cold air, etc.

6. Acetic-acid:- Giving Acetic-acid 3x is beneficial in the swelling of the legs, stomach or swelling of the whole body.

7. Digitalis:- Digitalis 3x should be taken in the condition of weak pulse, having difficulty in breathing, faded face, unable to sleep on the back, disordering of the function of the hrtipind, swelling of the urinary glands due to its disease, etc.

8. Terebinthina:- If blood comes out from the urinary-pind due to any liver disease, Terebinthina 3 can be taken.

9. Bryonia:- Taking Bryonia 3 or 30 is beneficial in the condition of swelling due to any liver disease or constipation, swelling of the legs in pregnancy period, by suppression of sweat and eruptions in the body, swelling of the joints, having difficulty in breathing, dry cough and the chest pain, etc.      

10. Helleborus:- Using Helleborus 12 or 30 is beneficial in the inflammation of the brain, chest inflammation, swelling after coming urinary defects.

11. Pulsatilla:- Pulsatilla 6 should be taken in the swelling of women due to abnormal menses.

12. Carinca:- Carinca 3x or 3 should be taken in the case of all body part’s swelling due to urinary disease or inflammation of the stomach, having difficulty in breathing during sleep, dryness of the skin, etc.

13. Sulphur:- Giving Sulphur 30 or its mother tincture is beneficial in the condition of stoppage the secretion due to suppression of any disease in the body.

14. Ferrum-met:- Giving Ferrum-met 6 or 30 is beneficial in the condition of yellow or black skin, too much weakness of the body, constipation, feeling nausea after taking meals, swelling due to abnormal menses, etc.

15. Calcarea-carb:- Calcarea-carb 6 or 30 can be used in the swelling caused by increasing the white particles in the blood.

Some other treatment with the use of different drugs:-

  • The dropsy patient should drink water as much as he can because it helps in urination and cures swelling.
  • The dropsy patient should cover himself well so that, cold did not expose (affect, touch).  
  • Drinking fresh whey daily is beneficial.
  • Light meals should be given to the patient in both the condition- in the beginning and in the chronic stage.
  • The dropsy patient should never take even little water and salt in his diet.
  • If swelling is due to liver disease, he should take milk and sweets.
  • Fresh milk instead of cold water should be given.
  • Taking Meat soup is better in the condition of swelling, but it can not be given in the condition of constipation.
  • In the condition of decreasing swelling, boiled rice (old), soup of green lentil, meat soup, and brinjal can be given.