Dron Pushpi


Dronpushpi plant is found everywhere in the rainy season. Its plant dries in the summer season. It is 1-3 feet high and with hairy branches. Its leaves are 1-2 inches long andIntroduction:

Dronpushpi plant is found everywhere in the rainy season. Its plant dries in the summer season. It is 1-3 feet high and with hairy branches. Its leaves are 1-2 inches long and 1 inch wide like basil leaves. If one crushes its leaves resulting feels its fragrance like basil leaves. It has flowers, so it is known as ‘Dronpushpi’. Its flowers are green and shiny. Its flowers appear in the winter season and its fruits appear in the spring season. There are many kinds of dronpushpi plant.

Name in Different Languages:

Hindi           -        Gooma

Sanskrit      -        Dronpushpi

Marathi       -        Tuba

Gujarati      -        Koobi

Bengali       -        Hulas

Latin          -        Lucas


       According to Ayurveda, it is hot in nature, pungent, and bitter and removes gas and phlegm disorders. It also cures fever and purifies blood. It checks snake poisoning and is useful for digestive system. Besides, it is useful to cure headache, jaundice, itch, cold, cough and the diseases of the liver and spleen.

      According to Unani, Dronpushpi is hot and dry in nature. It is useful to checks snake poisoning and cure, jaundice and fever caused by phlegm. It kills worms and eliminates constipation. It eliminates gas and phlegm disorders completely.

        According to Scientists, after the chemical researching of Dronpushpi is found that its flower contains flying oil, fragrant oil and alkaloid. Its seeds have little amount of permanent (isther) oil which is useful to throw out phlegm and kill worms. This oil is excitable and prevents loose-motion.

Precaution: Excessive quantity of Dronpushpi may be harmful for cool natured people.

Dosage: One should take 5-10 grams Panchang powder of Dronpushpi and 10 to 20 milliliters juice of it.

For reading tips click below links     Dronpushpi is useful in different diseases:
1.     Itching:


    • Applying fresh juice of Dronpushpi on the affected parts is beneficial to get relief in itching.
    • If someone has been suffering from itching or scabies, should apply dronpushpi juice on the itching part and scabies. It provides quick relief.
    2.     Snake poison:

    Snake poison:

      Mix one spoon juice of dronpushpi with two ground black peppers. One should take one gram of this mixture 3-4 times a day or drop 2-3 drops juice of donpushpi leaves in the eyes 4-5 times a day checks snake poisoning.
      3.     Swelling:


        Grind dronpushpi and a little quantity of Neem’s leaves together to make a paste and lightly heat it and apply it on the affected part. It is a good remedy to reduce swelling.
        4.     Cough:


          • One should take one spoon juice of dronpushpi with half spoon beleric myrobalan (Bahera) thrice a day to cure cough.
          • Taking three ml juice of dronpushpi with three grams powder of beleric myrobalan’s peel is beneficial to cure cough.
          5.     Joints pain:

          Joints pain:

            One spoon juice of dronpushpi mixed with equal powder of pipal can be used twice a day to get relief in joints pain.
            6.     Headache:


              Drip 2-2 drops of dronpushpi juice in both the nostrils. Grind 1-2 pieces of black pepper with dronpushpi juice afterwards apply on the forehead, it provides relief in headache.
              7. Jaundice:


                Dripping 2-2 drops juice of dronpushpi leaves in the eyes twice a day regularly fore some time is useful to cure jaundice.
                8. Cold:


                  2-2 drops of dronpushpi juice should be dropped in patient nose and its juice should be smelled by the patient to remove effects of cold.
                  9. Fever:


                    Taking two spoons juice of dronpushpi with powder of five pieces black peppers is useful to cure fever.
                    10. Asthma:


                      Mix dried fruits of dronpushpi with small flowers of thorn apple. Taking this mixture like smoke is beneficial to check asthma fits.
                      12. Toothache:


                        Mix juice of dronpushpi, cuttle fish bone (Samundrafen), honey and sesame oil together. Dripping its drops in the ear is useful to cure toothache and destroy teeth worms.