Dried Grapes



Dried grape is the best natural dill fruit and has sweet taste. It is counted in the best fruits list. It grows on creeper. Its creeper has light-red tinge.Introduction:

Dried grape is the best natural dill fruit and has sweet taste. It is counted in the best fruits list. It grows on creeper. Its creeper has light-red tinge. Its creeper becomes old for two and three years, it has flowers and fruits. Mostly, its green grapes are sold in markets in February-March months. There are two kinds of it as- First black and second white. White dried grapes are very sweet. Black dried grapes are useful for all the diseases. Black dried grapes are used more to make medicines. Dry grapes have many kinds as Bedana, Raisin and currant. Currant is like Bedana but it is small than it. Dried grape is useful to quench thirst and appetite of warm countries people. It ends bile disorders and increases blood quantity. Green grape causes phlegm, but taking with rock salt or salt does not cause phlegm. Green grapes are very bitter, delicious and useful than dried grapes. Dried grapes can be taken with cashew nut in the breakfast. If any patient of chronic constipation takes some dry grapes regularly, it eliminates constipation. The people, who are suffering from bile disorders, should take dry grapes to end bile disorders, body burning sensation and vomiting. If one is suffering from body weakness, loss weight, darkness in front of eyes and burning sensation, should take dried grapes. Dried grapes have vitamin ‘C’ so, it cures scurvy and skin diseases. Eating dried grapes makes the body fresh. Bitter dry grapes are useful to cure disturbance in blood caused by bile. Green grapes are heavy digestible, bitter, hunger growing and end bile disorder. Ripen grapes eliminates constipation and make the voice clear. It brings urine and stool easily and causes wind (gas) in the stomach. It increases sperm count and phlegm, and cures anorexia. Its juice is cool, sweet and useful for eyes.

According to Ayurveda, dried grape is useful to make the voice clear. Its juice is sweet, glossy and cool. Dried grapes are using as a medicine and herb for a long period.

According to Unani, dried grape makes the phlegm loose. It makes menses normal and increases blood quantity. It is useful to make body meat strong. It is bitter, sweet and digestible. Its juice is useful to cure headache, sperm diseases and others. Its seeds are cool, easy digestible and excites for sex. The ash of its creeper breaks stone of bladder. It is also useful to ends joints pain and piles.

According to Scientists, dried grape contains vitamin A, B & C, and provides power to the body. It is a nutritive fruit and eliminates constipation. Dried grape contains rich amount of sugar and carbohydrates. It is more useful than other fruits.

Note: One should not eat raw and bitter grapes. Dried grapes are digestible and increase urine quantity. Taking its over quantity makes the body weak. One should use dried grapes after washing in warm water, so that remove its feculence.

For reading tips click below links     Dried grape (Draksha*) is useful in different diseases:
1.     Head warmth:

Head warmth:

    20 grams dried grapes boiled with cow milk should be taken sleeping time at night. It ends head warmth.
    2.     Senselessness (unconscious):

    Senselessness (unconscious):

      Mix boiled Indian Gooseberry (amla), dried grapes and honey together and take this mixture. It is useful to ends senselessness.
      3.     Giddiness:


        Spray ghee over twenty grams dried grapes. Taking this medicine every morning is useful to end gas disorders and checks giddiness caused by body weakness.
        4. Eyes warmth and burning sensation:

        Eyes warmth and burning sensation:

          Immerse 10 grams dried grapes into water at night. Crush these grapes and filter it and mix with sugar in the morning. It is an effective home remedy for eyes warmth and burning sensation.
          5.   Acidity:


            Mix 20 grams aniseed with 20 grams dried grapes after that filter it and mix 10 grams sugar in it. Taking this medicine regularly for some days is useful in acidity, bitter belching, sour vomiting, yawning, stomach burning sensation, stomach heaviness and other diseases.
            6.   Cough:


              Mix dried grapes (without seeds) with ghee and honey. Prepared medicine can be used to cure cough caused by lungs wound.
              7. Tonic (to get powerful body):

              Tonic (to get powerful body):

                One should take 20 grams dried grapes (without seed) and after that take half litre milk. It increases appetite and makes the stomach clear. It also increases body strength and ends body weakness caused by fever.
                8. Constipation:


                  Grind 10 gram of an equal quantity of dried grape, black pepper, pipal and rock salt together to make the fine powder. After that, mix this powder with 400 grams black grapes to make it like sauce. Fill prepared medicine into lead pot. This sauce is famous as ‘Panchamartvaleha’. Taking half to twenty grams this medicine twice a day cures anorexia, stomach gas trouble, constipation, pain, mouth saliva, excess phlegm and other diseases.
                  9. Over Thirst and Tuberculoses (T.B):

                  Over Thirst and Tuberculoses (T.B):

                    Boil finely one kilogram loaf-sugar with about 1200 ml water. Mix 800 grams green grapes in this mixture and make the syrup. Prepared medicine can be used to get relief in over thirst, body warmth, T.B and other diseases.
                    10. Cough Bleeding:

                    Cough Bleeding:

                      Mix 10 grams dhamasa with 10 grams grapes and boil this mixture to make a decoction. This decoction should be taken to prevent cough bleeding caused by lungs wound.
                      11. Constipation:


                        Soak about 30 to 40 grams black grapes in cold water at night. Filter this mixture in next morning. One should take prepared medicine regularly for some days to cure constipation.
                        12. Stone of bladder:

                        Stone of bladder:

                          Boil black grapes (kalidraksh) to make a decoction. It is a good remedy for Anuria and Dysuria (Urine burning sensation). It also breaks stone of bladder.
                          13. Diabetes Mellitus (Bahumootra):

                          Diabetes Mellitus (Bahumootra):

                            • Eating grapes is beneficial to get relief in diabetes mellitus.
                            • 100 grams grapes can be used regularly to get relief in diabetes mellitus.
                            14. Puerperal fever (Sootika fever):

                            Puerperal fever (Sootika fever):

                              Grind equal quantity of grapes, cobra’s saffron, black pepper, cassia (Tamal leaf), small cardamom and piper chaba (chavya) together to make the fine powder. Taking 3-6 grams of this powder with 5-10 grams sugar and water twice a day is useful to cure puerperal fever.
                              15. Heart diseases:

                              Heart diseases:

                                Mix equal quantity of grape juice, Parushak and honey together. Taking 15 to 30 milliliter prepared remedy with 1-3 grams Triphla’s powder twice day is useful to get relief in the heart diseases.